Thinspiration Crap.

Okay, another rant from yours truly.

I don't know if you guys have came across any of these blogs. But, let me tell you a little something about them. They are blogs that track how much a certain person eats and how much they work off. Then there are pictures of models at an unhealthy weight to "thinspire" the readers into not eating. I was even reading some of the comments and they said something about making sure you only eat 500 calories a day and to keep up the good work!

 Not only have I seen it here on the world wide web, but I also see how girls are trying to lose weight at my school when they are already beautiful in their own skin! What is the point in eating only crackers for a day? How can you be happy if you eat just crackers and celery?

Ugh, but here are some of those pictures on that thinspiration blog.

Here are some of the pictures that were on some of those blogs. 

Is it just me, or are these people kind of loco? Lol. I don't think that being THAT skinny actually looks good. And, I highly doubt that guys do either. You know what they say, you need some cushion for the pushin'. ;) But, these girls are truly beautiful, but they really need to know that being skinny doesn't make a person beautiful, and I think that's what they think. I mean, look at these beautiful, full figured women.

See? I think that these curve-a-luscious babes look so much better than some the skeletons that girls are trying to be.

What do you think?


  1. It's just crazy what people aspire to these days. I wish there wasn't so much pressure on women. But sometimes, we are harder on ourselves than anyone else :(

  2. fab post. it's so true, why would anyone want to be unhappy just to be thin?! x

  3. I agree it's horrible. Some of those runway models look like skeletons...they are really just hangers for the clothes. Put a body in that dress and lets see what it looks like then? So sad...I am hoping that more and more designers stop using extremely thin models which inturn inspire women and girls to become human popsicle sticks. It's great to be inshape and fit...too far either way is extremely unhealthy. Glad you made a post of this.
    XO Carrie

  4. I love that you posted this! I am glad to know I am not the only one that thinks super skinny is not cute :]

  5. I love this post! I so agree with you. I don't think its cute at all too be that skinny!

    Carrie~ I love your comment! So agree with you!

  6. such a good post... couldn't agree with you more! :) x

  7. These women are trying to attract men that appeal to them I'm afraid. They are obviously going after people who are obsessive about thin girls and so to get there, they almost kill themselves doing it. It's a shame really that they don't see the beauty in men who appreciate other body types that are closer to where they are naturally.

  8. curvy is much better. you write very well. thanks for stopping by my blog

  9. Oh...wow...that s just crazy!I think that the excess of photoshop used in the magazines has this effect on teenagers. So wrong...Thank you so much for your lovely comment!xoxo

  10. Thanks for the comment!I totally agreed with you ,more meat more delicious! At least for the mens view! You have a point! :0 beijossss

    following you!

  11. Well said!!! I think curvier is definitely sexier!!! - I have a few curves myself!! haha. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog I am following you now! maybe you could return the favour? hehe.
    I do love this post, well done!!
    Sam xx

  12. your blog is super cute ! i like sososos much it :)
    xoxo from spain sweetie


  13. Ugh, loco indeed. Its a shame what those girls do. And unhealthy. Thanks for not being afraid of criticise such blogs. And yeah, I think curves are sexy!!

    I like your blog very much, thanks for your sweet comment :)


  14. Hi Rach!
    First off, thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate your kindness.
    I've never heard of these "thinspiration" blogs. Craaaazy. It's really sad that these girls have such a distorted view of beauty.


  15. i'm very glad to see these words into a fashion blog..i have written about anorexia ecc too and i think that female beauty consists about curves!well done lady!:)
    Would you come and follow my blog if u like it?i'd be very happy..i wait u..kiss from Milan!


  16. I love this post and your blog! Followed! I am your 100th follower! Congrats :) x

  17. Thank you for the comment on my blog BOY magazine please check out my blog I use more often, BOY's a project for me haha, it's www.ferrris.blogspot.com

    I totatlly agree with you, it's so sad that these things are out there. I am very passionate against thinspos this is a great post :) following!

  18. I agree, I think skinny women look ridiculous. Plus all of them have fake tan on to make themselves look healthy - without it I bet they'd be really pasty and have no colour in their skin whatsoever. When you're that thin you look grey (believe me, my mum's been there).

    Great post!

  19. Eating 500 calories a day! This is crazy! Do they even think of side effects of not eating???
    I suffered from an eating disorder 10 years ago when I was young and stupid! I ended up in a hospital because of that. This won't happen again! Nowadays I don't count calories! :)
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comment!

  20. Wowzers, 500 calories a day, that is completely unhealthy!!! Im sure their bodies will suffer from eating so little.
    I deffinately think the second lot of fuller figured women look more beautiful, but its just a shame that the fashion industry doesnt portray the real curvy woman as being beautiful as much as the skeletal figure.
    Its such a shame girls at your school are trying to look like this, i finished high school 10 years ago and I never remember this being a problem during my time at school, things seem to be changing for the worst.


  21. love tour blog!
    it's true, but sometimes we're too blind. where it's the food, it's the HAPPINESS =)

  22. Well said. I don't like those pro-ana blogs either. I work in an mental health care organization where they amongst others specialize in treating eating disorders. I've seen so many scary skinny girls. I might be a bit too heavy, but I'm proud of my curves. It's better to loose weight in a healthy weight by working out and eating healthy foods :-)

    Keep on the good work with your blog.


  23. curvy all the way...im myself on the chubbier side!
    Im following you...hope you follow me back

  24. It's a shame that some girls find these images inspirational. And I think it's awesome that you're outing them and challenging them with an alternative that's much more healthy AND attractive!

    Thanks : )

  25. I completely agree.

    Thanks for your visit and comment.Want to follow eachother?


  26. we need women like oyu with a good head on your shoulders !
    thank you for this !

  27. curves are amazing!!!


  28. OMG!! This is horrible what these girls are doing. Thanks for the blog post girl..I am following u now


  29. I've always thought that string-bean girls don't look attractive at all. They look unhealthy. I am proud of my body. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind shedding a couple pounds but I'm not going to starve myself! Honestly, starving yourself makes you GAIN weight and instead of you losing the fat you have, your body will eat away at your muscle instead because it believes that you need those fat reserves and don't really need that muscle.
    YOu don't need to change yourself. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are :)

  30. Thanks a lot for calling me a skeleton. Not everybody is skinny by CHOICE. Some of us just don't gain weight no matter what we do. Funny how girls starve to look like us and those who are like this naturally want to be curvy. Nobody is ever happy!

    1. this post was directed to the people who are posting "thinspiration" to show girls that they should starve to make their bodies something that is not healthy. i never said it was bad to be skinny. i said it was bad to strive to be something your not and to endanger your well-being and health.


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