Birfffday time, baby.

Okay, I promised you guys that you would see my birthday/Easter...so here goes! 

My beautiful birthday cake. :) (The ribbons are chocolate!)

Photo-op with Big Mamma

Yes, they do make hats for Easter eggs.


Whatta cutie.

Now, on to the gifts!

This is a knife, spoon, and fork all in one. I call it a Knoork.

A Vera Bradly Planner, so so cute.

An Umbra Grass Organizer + some new make up brushes!

Maxi Dress! :)
A Jewelry Holder from Umbra as well, it's so cute.

Oh! And another GREAT thing that happened to me this weekend is that I won a Melie Bianco bag!! :) So, I'll just add that as a birthday gift. :)

Overall I had a absolutely wonderful weekend! A great birthday and a great Easter, but I think I might have gained a couple of pounds. ;) How was your guys' Easters?


  1. I couldn't believe you won that bag, Rach! And all that site has such cute stuff, I think I may be making a purchase soon.. Your blog is very well done by the way. Keep writing!!

  2. Great pictures and happy birhtday.. Looks like a great time :) Hugs Mette. Follow me?

  3. Happy Birthday - mine was yesterday, so go April birthdays! I have that Vera planner for work and I LOVE it! I love that grass organizer, too, so clever! Hope you enjoyed your Easter/Birthday :)

  4. I live by my Vera Bradley planner! It's the best planner i've found yet. Great blog! And beautiful pics!


  5. Thanks so much! It was an absolutly WONDERFUL birthday! :)

  6. Looks like you got lots of goodies! I love your birthday cake, it's so pretty. :)

  7. Happy Birthday! You got some fabulous gifts!!!

  8. Happy birthday! Mine is next month, cant wait!
    Your birthday cake is awesome, so colourful and I love the chocolate bow on top.
    overall looks like a fun easter/birthday weekend :)
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too.


  9. Happy birthdaaaay!


  10. Hi Rachel!
    Thanks for checking out my blog.
    Your blog is very lovely. I love your fashion posts! & ur full figured post :)
    Happy Late Birthday!
    I am glad you got all that stuff <3
    sidenote: maybe you should make a header for your blog :)

    PS: Super jealous you winning that M. Blanco bag but was ur bday so it's okay, hehe.

  11. that cake looks yummy delish. u won that bag? lucky girl. what'd u think of lauren conrad's style book. i prefer her novel series "L.A. Candy." check out those books. they're super gossipy fun. supposed to be fiction, but i swear it's a behind the scenes look at reality tv. or should i say "the hills?"?


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