christmas haul.

The time has come.

The Christmas Haul. 

Now, let us get started. First and foremost, the make-up. Pretty much everything I got was Benefit because it is my new found love. But some other things thrown in as well. ;) 

Here is a Stila pallet that I will use whenever I go somewhere. All I need is this little pallet, some foundation and brushes and I am set. Totally easy and quick to get ready to go somewhere. It has four eye shadows, a darker purple, a lighter purple, a black and a silver. Then A rosy blush with a light bronzer. Everything I need! :)

Now my Grandma ended up getting me these little beauties. They are Josie Maran color sticks, and to be honest I had never heard of them before she got these for me. I tried them, and they are absolutely wonderful! If you like a quick cheek color and lip color this is the product for you. They are non-paraben and they smell aweeeesome. Lemony goodness.

The Fun Stuff. 
Watts Up! Highlighter from Benefit - Champagne Highlighter full of awesomeness. 
VS highlighter - Sooooo sparkly. I love Victoria's Secret make-up just for the fact that they have the sparkly-est make-up I have EVER seen.
ChaCha Tint - Benefit lip and cheek stain, it is a super cute coral color. Complements any skin tone.
BeneTint - Benefit lip and cheek stain as well, this is a rosy shade. Really pretty for winter. 

The Essentials. 
Stay Don't Stray - Eyeshadow Primer. A little goes a lonnnng way with this. Totally worth the price. It'll last forever and is amazing. 
Porefessional - A pore minimizing primer. Awesome for my yucky teenage skin. 
Some Kind of Gorgeous - Concealer, plain and simple. 

Hervana Highlighter. 
Benefits newest highlighter and their only powder one. This is so pretty on and works amazingly. :)

The Realness of Concealness. 
This little kit is perfect to throw into your make-up bag when you are leaving to stay somewhere and don't want to take your whole make-up collection. It has Boiiing concealer, Lemonaid eyeshadow primer, High Beam highlighter, Lip Plump lip primer, and Ooh La La Lift (which makes your eye's look less puffy)

VS Pigment in Naked.
Sparkly. Amazing. 

Now for those of you more interested in clothing. 

Okay, well first off I got some knee-high socks to wear underneath of my boots, in cream and gray. Both from H&M. I also got a leopard headband from F21. Super cute!

This pretty sparkly taupe shirt from F21. So cute, I wore it for New Years with some leggings, actually.

This pretty over sized, crochet-esque cream shirt. So cute. Again, from F21.

AND THE BOOTS. No need to tell you guys how much I love these. You already know. ;) 

What do you think? What was your favorite gift this year?


  1. Ooooh that is a lot of pretty makeup! I likeeee!

  2. Love the outfit, I maaay have to try out some of this makeup! :)

  3. Wow that is a lot of make up! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas xx

  4. Haha I'm into makeup, but not THAT into it! lol

    I got the three things I wanted the most: a black blazer, black riding boots, and grey skinnies! So yup. I've already planned a bunch of outfits with these three babies.


  5. I love your clothes. Absolutely Amazing!

    I would die for some of your makeup that you posted.

    Happy New Year

  6. Great haul and I was so into benefit back in the years, now my lil sister in into it, with all her blush collection lol! Your clothes looks nice as well!

  7. Love those boots! So cute! And my favorite gift that i got, was probably my new pair of uggs and my new straightener(: Happy new year by the way!

  8. Oh, my God, you and your blog are adorable! Thanks for visiting mine the other day! I'm a new follower. Feel free to follow me, too!

  9. I got a huge thing of Stila lipglosses in my stocking, love them! Love your picks from Forever 21, my favorite store ever. Anddd I got Minnetonkas this year too :)

    xo Shane

  10. Awesome haul ;) Love everything!

  11. All your christmas gifts look fantastic dear :) And I got socks like those too. I love them :)
    I hope you had a good new year :):)

  12. Ooooh I want that The Realness of Concealness kit! I love Benefit, but their stuff can be so pricey! Oh well... :)

  13. Wow that is a pretty good haul! Love the make-up!


  14. I envy your makeup haul! And your outfit is superb ;)

    Please help me win $250 for my charity! All you have to do is "like" my post on Pet Bytes ;)

  15. Aaah, you got so many lovely things! I love seeing what everyone got for Christmas. Are those boots Minnetonka? They're lovely, I want a pair as well! x

  16. where on earth did you get those boots? LOVE! <3


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