fall fashion.

Okay, so fall is here. School is here. And well - pretty much now I have a reason to look cute. And since it has dropped about 20 degree's in two days - I went from short shorts to skinny jeans. 
Which I was not prepared for. 

I was ready to start school with some summer fashions - but unfortunately the weather is not permitting that. So, here is a little brainstorm of what I plan to wear while fall is making it's appearance. 

Now for school, I can't really go all out with my style because - 
One: I am walking up and down stairs all day.
 Two: I need to be semi comfortable because I will be sitting in very uncomfortable seating. 
Three: Freakin' dress code. (Which I never look like a hoochie, I always dress very nicely and appropriate - I just don't understand some of the guidelines that we have to follow. But. Whatever.)

Enough talk. Let's get to it.

Natural Nails - Forest green, Plum, Dark Gray, Nude, Browns. Okay - And maybe some copper sparkles, maybe.

Fitted Jackets - A good fitted jacket, to show of that you are actually a woman, will work with pretty much any outfit, and will keep you warm while making you look hot. 

A White Shirt - So, this is a staple item of course. If you don't have one loose white t-shirt, then...stop reading and go to the nearest mall and get yourself a good one. The white shirt can go with anything from a tight pencil skirt to a pair of slouchy skinny boyfriend jeans. Wear it with a cardi, wear it alone. Oh the things you can do...

Layers upon layers upon layers - You have to stay warm, right? Well stay warm with style. Layer a long sleeve shirt under a long sleave shirt, put on a jacket, add a scarf. You're set.

Orange - Anything. It is going to big this fall - I can see it now, girls walking around with orange scarves, orange nails, orange lips (maybe not at my school, but I wish, heck, I might try the orange lips. Lol.)

These colors. Find it. Buy it. Wear it. Love it. Amen.

Hoooooodies - Okay, not really stylish, but a fall staple. Wear these with some classic flares at a camfire, smelling the crisp, smokey, air. :)

Long flow-y hair - I would totally wear this if my hair was super long, but it's not, but if you have it. Flaunt it, girlfriend.

Leggings - Comfy, but cute. Layer a long sweater, tunic, whatever. Just feel comfy.

Shorts and cardis - A condridiction? Yes. Cute? Yes. Am I probably going to wear this the most? Yes.

So pretty much I think of Fall as a comfy and casual - yet sophisticated - season of style. You can get away with wearing one too many shirts and you can actually wear cute shoes, no more flip flops! It's my favorite season, so you will probably see a lot of "Fall"ish posts during it. Just so you know. ;)

There you have it - Can you guys think of anything else? Lemme know. I need inspiration. Lol.


Don't forget about the giveaway! :) 

PS: Photo's from weheartit.com


  1. I like the pantone of color for the season. I want to stock up on cardis for the season, and I wasn't sure what colors I should look for. I'm so ready for fall and all the comfy/cute clothing that comes with it. :)

  2. :O That dress code is so utterly random, lol, your headteacher have a thing against ed hardy or something? Haha, love the cute pics :)

  3. I live in Florida so Fall isn't quite here yet, but fall fashion is! Im loving leggings and lots of lace! with something underneath of course :) I also got a fabulous leather jacket at F21 this weekend.


  4. I love autumn/fall too. The clothes and trends you picked out are great! This week it's British Wool Week (with designers such as Vivienne Westwood taking part!), so everyday I'm wearing some light knitted long cardigans. I'm loving oranges and ochres atm, definitely gonna be my staple colour over the next months.

    Great post :)

  5. This is amazing, props to you. I love ALL of these styles! :D

    Awesome post :)


  6. love the sparkly nails


  7. thanks guys! i'm so excited for the upcoming trends!

  8. Love this! Thans for the ideas!!

  9. this is so informative.. the pantone is very useful! thnks for sharing hun!

  10. sparkly nails yup i love those! cardi's with shorts yes please! i'm really digging that green cardi i may need to go out and get me one of those!! Good luck with heading back to school!! :)

  11. Wow. What a dress code! That is freaking insane? What ARE you allowed to wear? Craziness. Other than that... cute post. Cute styles. GAH! I can't wait to not be preggers anymore!

  12. thanks guys! i'm glad you guys could find my post informative. :)

  13. Love wearing leggins - just cause they're so darn comfy :D

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  14. These are some great tips hun .. I love the layers upon layers as I kinda need here in the UK!

    New follower btw
    x x x

  15. mmmm hmmmm! Couldn't agree with you more! Please hurry up and get a little cooler, weather! The layers, boots, and leggings are waiting!

    Darling blog, btw. Totally following!


  16. i absolutely ADORE this post!! the pantone palleettte super useful. And loving the flake copper nails!!

  17. Ooh! The hot fall-ness just beam out of this post. I love long braided hair!

  18. Absolutely adorable! I'll be living in the cardi-shorts combo as well :)

    Check us out, we're newwwww!

  19. umm, WHAT?!?! i just came across you blog and simply adore! i pretty much adore ALL of these ideas! it's making me SO excited for fall! can't wait to read more!
    xo TJ



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