calling all october sponsors!

It's that time again - Sponsor round-up.

I am really excited to get a new set of sponsors for the blog and if you are interested in getting more traffic towards you blog and make new internet friends this is a GREAT way to do it. 

So if you are interested in having your ad right there on the left side of "So, hi" hit me up with an email. 

Here is the packages that you will get. 

XL - $25
Featured introduction post (As many links and pictures as you wish).
 Option for giveaway. Option for guest post.

 L - $20
Featured in group intro post (5 links, 3 pictures).
 Option for group giveaway.

 M - $15
Featured in group intro post (3 links, 2 pictures).
Option for group giveaway.

SM - $10
Featured in group intro post (1 link, 1 picture).

All you have to do is email me at rach_423@hotmail.com and name the email SPONSORSHIP telling me what size you would like and what you would like to be interested in doing. :)

There are a limited amount of spots, so if you are interested hurry and let me know! 


  1. Yay for sponsors. :) I LOVE your new pictures! You look so pretty!

  2. Your blog is wonderful!


  3. lovelovelovelove your blog! do you do button swaps? if not don't worry, i'm just gonna grab your button anyway 'cos i your blog is so coool! x

  4. thanks girls! and thanks louise! that is so sweet. :)

  5. if i wasn't a poor college student i would consider being sponsored but no can do :) haha and lovely picture. youre very pretty xx

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3


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