lashem review.

Well hi there. Just doing a quick review over some awesome products that I had sent to me a couple of months ago. 

They sent me four items. 
Double Trouble Mascara
Picture Perfect Anti Wrinkle Cream
3-in-1 Eye Bright
and Measureable Difference Lash Gel!

I must say I really did fall in love with these products. Especially the mascara and lash gel. I was so skeptical when it came to lash growing serums, but when they offered to send me some to review I thought "Why not?" And thank goodness I did! My eyelashes have grown substantially, the mascara is awesome, and the eye bright is a life saver on those days where you don't get much sleep. AND not only did they send me these products but also a cute little bag. How nice is that? 

Want proof that it works?

Okay, this picture really doesn't give the product justice. Just take my word. I cannot tell a lie. ;)

Look at how long and dark and wonderful my lashes are. :) 

Here's a legit review if you are into that sort of thing. And don't mind the jank-ness of it all. I really do not have any way to record videos and edit them efficiantly. Please don't judge. ;)

And make sure to check them out, they are having a sale! Lash gel + mascara for 35 bucks! A stealllll, especially since the lash gel alone costs around $70 normal! 


  1. Wow! Your lashes look amazing. Might have to take a look at Lashem! Thanks! xxx


  2. Thanks for the review. I really have to try this mascara and lash gel, beacuse they seem to be very good products.

  3. This mascara looks amazing. :)

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