caterpillar eyebrows.

What an odd name for a post, right? 

But lately I have been noticing something that has really been bothering me. 

The caterpillar eyebrow style.

Now, I know that some of my readers might have these creepy crawlers on their face, but I am here to save you.

Here is how you are supposed to shape your eyebrows, thank you Lauren.

So, please, stop with the caterpillar eyebrows. Please.



  1. funny, but you are sooooo right!!! :-)

  2. Great post, I hate caterpiller eyebrows.. its a pet hate :)

    Jo. x

  3. So normally I love reading your blog - Hottie of the Day is always my favorite. But I kind-of have a bone to pick with you about how you said this is "the way you're supposed to shape your eyebrows." Every single person is different, and consequently their eyebrows! Lauren's look fabulous. But so do these, and they're not done exactly as you (Lauren) showed.
    http://static.becomegorgeous.com/img/articles/how_to_grow_out_your_eyebrows.jpg, http://dalje.com/slike/slike_3/r2/g2007/m07/x133144520788957311_1.jpg, http://www.elleuk.com/var/elleuk/storage/images/media/images/eyebrows21/6254176-1-eng-GB/eyebrows21.jpg

    I do agree that there ARE wrong ways to shape brows, but there is not only ONE way. That's all.

    1. Thank you so much for reading the blog, Ariana! And I totally understand what you mean! Thank you for showing some differen't styles. And thank you for stating your opinions! :)

  4. Gahh so true. CAN'T STAND!!

  5. haha! i gave up on getting my eyebrows done years ago. i'm pretty lucky i guess, i don't really need to do much except a few pluckings here and there. i never really got why people over plucked or wanted less eyebrows. i also heard that since kate middleton appeared on the scene, people want thicker eyebrows, which is good!

    <3 katherine
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  6. I love this post! hahaha, my grandma plucked her eyebrows too much when she was younger so now she has these little tiny thin eyebrows that she has to draw on, i vowed to never do that to myself. haha. :) I love your blog!


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