Spring Trends.

Okay, in lue of the spring/summer weather we are having here is a little post about the spring trends that I am absolutely in love with. :)

And maybe some I just cannot stand.

Enjoy. :)

First off, I absolutely love the trend of Maxi dresses. But from what I have gathered from my friends and internet and fellow bloggers is that you either love a maxi dress, or hate it. I'm leaning toward love, personally. :) They look flattering on most all body types and they are just fun, flirty, and feminine. (And extreeeamly comfortable)

Another wonderful trend going on right now is bright colors. Who doesn't like to see bright, happy colors everyday? They are so fun and totally summer.

And what better to pair a bright hot pink cardigan than with some shorty shorts? They are probably my favorite thing about the summer season. Maybe it's because I am built like a stump and they are the only shorts that actually flatter me, but I love them.

Mixing prints, oh sure, I would love to pair my floral dress with a striped cardi, thank you. :) I used to hate this trend, but now I really like it. Oh how I've grown.

Neutral nudes. I think that this is just a classy look. I don't really know why I like it, but I just know that I do and I know that it looks good on everyone. :)

Sparkly shorts! I just love these. I have a feeling they will be out of style in no time, but while they are in style I might just have to wear them every single day of my life. Just kidding, but I do really like them, they are so fun and spunky! :)

SUNGLASSES -- Anyone who knows me knows that I am addicted to them. Legit. I have five hanging from my mirror in my car, one in the glove box and two or three more in my room at home. Didn't believe me when I said addicted? Yea. Curse you F21 5 dollar sunglasses. Curse you.

And last but definitly not least, hobo bags. I love the cross body messenger bag look. And when I mean love, I mean LOVE. I wish I had money so I could get this beautiful purse.

Okay, on to the not-so-cute aspect of this springs trends.

Okay, I know you guys have all seen these high-wasted shorts at H&M and Forever 21, but I just cannot make myself think they are cute. They just remind me of a grandma.

Rompers. Now, I am kind of biased on this one. Again, my body type is the reason I just don't like these. And not to mention I don't really enjoy looking like a toddler. Just my opinion though, a friend of mine has one and she happens to look really cute in them. I guess it all depends.

Bermuda shorts. I just think that I look like a troll in these things. I don't think they are feminine at all, I've never really liked these things. When I see someone wearing these things I just want to shake them and say "Make up your mind, woman, shorts or capris!".
Color Blocking is just not cute.

And another trend that I am starting to see in the wonderful world of fashion. Head thongs. It's just, an odd hair accessory.

These are my opinions, feel free to disagree. If you have anything to add i would love to hear from you! :)


  1. I love the nude tones and the bold colors for this season.Beautiful selections :)

  2. EW HEAD THONGS?!?! hahaha that's hilarious girl omg. i would never wear those! however, all your loves are my loves too! + high-waisted shorts and rompers, i can't help it!

  3. Women always have such beautiful clothes to choose from.

  4. gotta say, i totally agree with this! haha

  5. I love maxi dresses too but they are sometimes too long!!!

  6. Love the maxi! i have loved the look for a while.
    great blog!


  7. Hi. I still haven't figured it out! :( I'm so mad. I've sent blogger a help e-mail, but haven't heard back from them. So, I'm still trying to figure out how to restore all my blogs on my dashboard! If I figure anything out, I'll let you know. And if you fix it please let me know too! K thanks! :)
    ps. CUTE blog!

  8. The head thongs thing is a bit weird!!

    But I like clashing patterns, I'm sort of getting used to experimenting with that which is fun.

  9. Great post! Found some inspiration here for sure.


  10. hobo bags, mixing prints, & sunglasses YES!

  11. these head thongs are great! :)


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