things i love.

Okay y'all, I have a challange for my fellow bloggers. Here it is.
Post 9 random things that you love, and tell why.

Well, I guess you don't have to, but I figured it would be fun reading about all of the different quirky, fun things that people love. If you post one send a link, I would love to read them! :)

Anyway, here is mine. In no particular order. :)

My Make-up Palette - I ordered this last year and I have used it almost everyday I have had it. It has so many colors to choose from and it was actually pretty cheap! Thank you bhcosmetics, thank you.

Egg Spinach and Feta Omelet - A classic. If you haven't made yourself one of these babies, you are missing out.

The Lake - Fun in the sun, chillin' with my man, tubing, the beach, swimming, campfire, the smell of the cottage (it smells really good, trust me), and summer food. :)

Sparkles - It's actually my favorite color. ;) I like them on anything, make-up, nails, shorts, shirts, the whole shabang. But don't worry, I don't go walking around school looking like a disco ball. I promise.

Daisey Dukes - Don't act like you don't like yourself some booty shorts. C'mon girl, embrace it. ;)

Sunny Day's - C'mon, who doesn't like bright, happy days?

Free Coupons from Victoria's - I don't think I've spent money on underwear in 4 years. how awesome is it that you get pretty panties for F-R-E-E. if you don't get coupons, it's okay to be jealous, just ask to get on the mailing list. ;)

Winning Things - Well, since i am a pretty lucky son (daughter?) of a gun, i have won a couple of things INCLUDING awesome eyeshadow primer and a Melie bianco purse. :)

Comfy Days - Just a long sleeve t-shirt and some shorts, so comfy I love it. I don't dress comfy very often, but when I do it's pretty awesome.



  1. I really love spinach and feta omelet too :)

  2. can't say i luv daisy dukes, but if u like em rock on rach! ;)

  3. hi there! thanks for the kind comment, and I love your blog so far! I'll come back later when i get more time to look around, but I so agree with the thinspiration post-When I was in high school I would go weeks without eating and thought I was FAT at 99 pounds. I would have only been sicker if there had been something like those websites back then! I do need to start getting back to exercising now, and lose a few (or 20) pounds, but today it has nothing to do with wanting to be skinny, I just want to FEEL better and be healthier :) It's nice to not have that obsession anymore. Ok, sorry about the rambling, hope you have a good day and I will be back soon -

  4. lovely blog dear,


  5. Hey, I was looking over your posts and you seem like a pretty chill person and I wanted to see if you could look at my blog, I'm trying to get people to read it to see what they think,lol. please and thank you lol


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