treat your skin right, yo.

Hey guys.
I know, I know, I have been slacking and I am really sorry about that. I've just been having a busy week and enjoying some time with my Grandma. :) So let me make up for it with a super awesome post!

The summer season is coming up and what more do girls want for this season other than beautiful skin? Okay, maybe a super hot bod, but for me I think that skin is equally important in overall beauty. Now, I have super duper sensitive skin and it sucks. But hey, I take care of my skin and it really doesn't look all that bad. So, let me share some of my tips with you. :)

First off, color is your friend. And no I do not mean all of those yummy and colorful M&M's, I mean really color. What looks more yummy than a crisp, juicy red apple? Nothing. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. When it concerns your skin, you are what you eat. Break up with the pizza. Tell him that you don't want to have a blotchy pepperoni face. I'm sure he'll understand. ;)

Keep your skin clean and moisturize dry skin. You should moisturize every night and every morning. This is a big one for me because I have really dry skin and I need to moisturize it every day, if I didn't...well...I don't want to even go there. Lol.

A little sun is healthy and mood-lifting. But you need to protect it with sunscreen. This is BIG. You don't want to get cancer just because you are too lazy to take the time to protect your skin. It aggravates me so much when girls feel like they need to be tan to be beautiful, when in the long run you are putting yourself at a great risk for skin cancer. So please, if you are one of those girls, protect your skin.

Green tea is anti-inflammatory and in the lab has been shown to heal skin. I love green tea, and it just makes you feel so light and healthy.

WAH-TAHH! Drink it. Want boient, clear, healthy, beautiful skin? Water. Water. Water. I can't say it enough. You should drink at least 6 cups of water a day to be healthy. This also helps with weight loss too.

Exercise to shed stress hormones and improve circulation. I know, exxxxercise. Ew, right? Well there are other forms of exercise other than running and crunches. Hit up some Zumba classes. Yoga, maybe? It really does make you feel less stressed.

Get your beauty sleep. Not that you need it, but skin regenerates and hormones balance while you are sleeping. Meaning, while you sleep your skin sleeps. :)

Don’t smoke and stay away from second hand smoke and other obvious pollutants. This is kind of common knowledge, but it's a biggie. Not only is smoking verrrry unattractive, but it takes so much toll on your health. I'm sorry, but I don't want wrinkles. No thanks.

 Smile. It instantly makes your skin look gorgeous. :)

Don’t force your beauty. Enhance it. Avoid drastic changes and a lot of makeup.Don't worry guys, eyeshadow is fine ;) I was freakin' out too. Express who you are. Don’t mask the real you. Your beautiful. :)


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  2. awee, cute post :)

  3. ooh i like this 100 calorie thing. sounds like something i could do without dying of an asthma attack - always a good thing.

  4. i liked this post, a lot of great things to keep in mind. i seriously want to print out that "burn 100 calories now" picture and put it on my desk. i always take laps around the hallways during my free periods and make sure to do so in my heels to tone the legs! hah pathetic, but it works!

  5. Great post! This may be a stupid question... but does green tea taste like normal tea? I don't like normal tea but am so tempted to try green tea after hearing great things! x

  6. I know I love that 100 calorie thing too! :)
    @lily - It does taste like regular tea, but I like mine with some honey and milk. It makes it taste so much better. So if you haven't tried it like that, there's an idea. :)

  7. those are some great pieces of advice!

  8. Great post, some good pieces of advice! Absolutely love green tea & Zumba is the best thing ever, must have burned about 500 calories laughing at my own lack of coordination! :)

  9. I needed to see this. I have awful skin and summer just makes it worse, so these are really great tips :)


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