lovely little small haul.

Hey guys! I just went shopping with my UBFF Saturday and I decided that I will show you guys what I ended up getting, it wasn't much but I had a good time, and I figured the stuff that I got was pretty good too. ;)

First off, I ended up getting one of those new mocha coconut frappacinos. (during happy hour so it was only 2 bucks!) It was verrry yummy. :)

I got these lovely colored pencils for my grandma for mother's day, she loved them. :)

 I got this lovely cardigan at H&M for ten bucks! I love it so much. :) Sorry for the bad quality of pictures, I need a new camera. Lol.

 I got the orange, striped, and navy for only ten bucks (including the actual watch, too!) at American Eagle.  :)

I needed some new shorts so I decided to venture out of my comfort zone of dark wash to light wash, I must say, it was a pretty good choice. :) Thank you H&M.

And lastly I got these Frill leather bracelets from my aunt. She decided to surprise me, they are so cute.

So, there you go, it was a successful shopping trip. :)
Happy Monday! :)


  1. I got those pencils as part of a gift from my friend recently; they are SO cute!!

    You got a lot of great things from your haul!

  2. great shorts!


  3. Love the cardi and those pencils are actually so cute x

  4. The pencils are great, I love them, too! I used to know a really cool shop that sold those sorts of things, I miss it.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  5. those pencils are so neat!

  6. Hi Rach,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I had the mocha coconut the other day too! Your blog is creative and fun.

  7. I just love those color pencils. And OH MY GOSH! I am so on a mission to find me some Cardigans.

  8. Coconut Frappacinos... yum! And those shorts are great x

  9. thank you so much for the sweet words and the award! i hope to have my post up sometime toward the end of the week... i'm still working on one i got last week (i got really busy and behind on everything, ugh). those shorts look awesome... i'm most comfortable in dark washes and am hoping to go lighter, too. hope you had a great weekend <3shelby


  10. I'm a new follower. cute + creative blog ! Ps. i love your H&M finds !


  11. i really love the watches..specially the different colors


  12. First of all, thanks for checking out my blog! and I LOVE THOSE COLORED PENCILS! Where did you find them?? You're style is too cute, I have the Frill bracelets myself!


  13. Absolutely adore those pencils!
    And the bracelets they are very cute. :)

    Leah and Georgia ♥


  14. ooooh i love those bracelets! i would like some ehe!

  15. i just read on your about me, you think you will marry James Marsden - i can tell you lass, not if i have anything to do with it :p xo

  16. thanks guys!

    @skinnyme - i got those pencils at francesca's, if you havn't been in that store you should go, it is probably the cutest store i have ever been in. lol.

    and @sammy - no way, he's mine. ;) lol.

  17. I love that H&M cardigan the colour is amazing.

    It's hard for me to travel outside of the dark wash jean territory so kudos for going to the light side. :P


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