Guess who got her purse. Just guess.

Hey guys!

As you can see from the title I have finally gotten my Melie Bianco purse! Yes, that's the one. The one that I have been talking about for like...ever. I ended up getting it in the mail two weeks ago, and I have been meaning to show you, but I have just been busy with school and soccer and cheer. You know, all that fun stuff. Well, here are some pictures to show you guys just what I am talking about. :)

Here we are, I like it with the long strap as opposed to the smaller one. :)

And here's the inside.
 The purse is actually a lot different than what I was expecting. It actually has two separate parts. It's kind of like two purses in one. And it is HUGE. Legit, I could Big Mama in it and she would be comfortable. Lol.

And here is one more picture. Drew decided to have a photoshoot. Personally, I think it looks better on me. ;)


  1. so cute :) and i love the lining!

  2. that shot of drew is one you'll want to keep and use as blackmail later. i'm kidding.


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