i'm too sarcastic.

Okay guys. Tell me your honest opinions on this lovely trend.


Who doesn't like spending only 24 and 1/2 seconds getting dressed? No need to fuss with putting on separate pieces of clothing when they are all connected, right? Maybe it's more economical, is the recession taking a toll on these otherwise stylish women? So many questions and so little answers. Why do people wear these things, no one in particular (TYRA) but they are just not attractive on ANYONE. But, hey, I guess some people just love looking like they are in baby sleepers. :)


Oh! And don't let me forget about the other new trend that I am absolutely in LOVE with. I mean, seeing this just makes me want to go to a hoedown and eat some straw. Yee-haw! Ugh...fashion these days...

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, you are welcome to disagree, just please no crude comments. I would love to hear your opinions, just in a nice and respectful way. :)


  1. Lol! I actually really like rompers. I am always drawn to them when I walk into a store.

    You might be right though b/c my husband HATES them. Whenever I wear them he makes some kind of comment. BUT my 2 year old daughter wore one the other day and he couldn't stop talking about how cute it was.

    I guess he does like them, just not on ADULTS. Haha! I still love 'em!

  2. Hey Rach! I really don't like that trend ;) haha but I LOVE dungerees so maybe, haha!! But.. anyway thanks for entering my giveaway! :) just wanted to let you know that I need seperate comments for each entry, otherwise it's only classed as one, hope thats okay, I didn't want your entries to miss out, Many Thanks, Natasha Louise

  3. I like playsuits but I could never EVER pull off a jumpsuit, I'm way too short.

  4. I'm just working on a "My way to style" jumpsuits which I'll be posting next week. Maybe then you'll love them.

  5. I really hate the gray strapless one in the top, but agreed, they are all horrible.

  6. I agree with you//// it look ridiculous on anyone. So so awful.

  7. OVERALLS! Those were SO in when I was in high school, oh man...

    What were we thinking?


  8. I think very few people can pull of the jumpsuit look


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