What do Ghosts and Goblins drink on Halloween? Ghoul-aid! :p

Hey guys. :)

Again with Halloween things, this is the make-up I'm wearing today. I'm going to chaperon trick and treat. It should be pretty fun! (:

Here's my make-up for today. I finally got my palette so I decided to go with a color that I rarely ever use. ORANGE! (Perfect for Halloween)
Here's how I did it:
First, I put a shimmery orange above my lid but under my brow bone.
Second, I started on my lid color. I put a dark shimmer brown on the whole lid.
Third, still, on the lid I put a sparkly gold on the inner half of my lid.
Fourth, on my bottom lash line I put a deep blue on the inside half of the lash line.
Fifth, I put a dark purple on the other half.
Sixth, I finished the eyeshadow off with a light shimmer/sparkle color that was kind of nude? I'm not really sure what color it was. Lol.
Seventh, I then went on the the eyeliner. I lined the bottom lash line lightly (the eyeshadow down there is already pretty dramatic) with brown.
Eighth, on the top lash line I used black liquid eyeliner (i use wet-n-wild, i find it to be the best and easiest to use) and put a double cat eye.
And to finish it off I used black mascara.
I got this idea from itsjudytime, but in the process i made it my own.  


 Called Gargantuan Green Grape. I LOVE it. :)

Happy Halloween! :)

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