Winter Time is Here.

 Okay, so I wouldn't say winter is my favorite season of the year, in fact it is probably one of my least favorites. But there are some good things about it too. First off what I personally HATE about winter is...

1. IT'S FREEZING. -- I personally HATE cold weather. For the most part because inside my house it is ALWAYS freezing. Especially in my room because it is at the end of the house and I get all of the wind. I seriously sleep with four extra blankets. So, 4 extra+sheet+cover= 6. THAT is how cold I am. Hahah.

2. It's slushy, muddy, and overall nasty. You all know it is true. You want to think of winter as snow filled and white as white can be, but honestly that is not how the majority of winter looks like.

3. Driving! Ugh, I am sooooo scared to drive this winter. I usually have a tendency to go above the speed limit to make it to school on time, well...in winter I will not be able to do that.

4. IT'S ALWAYS DARK. :/ This is probably my least favorite thing about winter. It is ALWAYS dark. The sun rises at six, sets at five/six. I love the sun and the darkness just crams my style.

5. Loss of mittens and/or hats and scarves. You know it happens. Every year.

6. Going shopping! It is ALWAYS soooooo packed due to the holidays. I hate shopping in a mall where there is a ton of people.

7. Creepy Santa's and Elves. You have all seen some. I don't know how parents allow their kids to sit on the laps of these guys. :/ blech.

Now, I am not going to just be a debby downer. There are also some things that I absolutely love about winter.

1. The holidays, obviously. Who doesn't enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving? No one.

2. Scarves! I love scarves and hats and all of that! (: Too bad I lose them all...

3. You don't have to worry about staying in shape, you aren't showing half as much skin as you did in the warmer seasons. That's always a good thing. Or bad, however you look at it. Haha.

4. The FOOD. Oh my gosh. This is my all time favorite part about winter. I mean, you start off with  the Thanksgiving turkey, and say good bye to dieting after that. Mhmm...

5. HOT CHOCOLATE! -- Self-explanatory.

6. PUMPKIN SPICE! -- My absolute favorite cappuccino in the world. Yum.

7. A white Christmas. :) When it actually does snow and stick. That is a wonderful thing and a beautiful thing. The sun gleaming off of fresh fallen snow is awesome. Not to mention I love making snowmen.

8. Cuddling. I mean, I cuddle with my man all the time. But winter brings out the cuddle MONSTER in me. The feeling of being warm and cozy with someone you love is AWE-to the-SOME. :)

9. Family. Being surrounded by everyone you are close to. It's amazing how the holiday season brings out the love in everyone. :)


--- So, after listing all of these, I can see that I might actually like winter than I thought I did. Huh, who would've thought? :p

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