nail love.

Hey y'all! 

I am going to share with you guys a my new obsession. 
Crackle/Shatter/Whatevertheycallit nail polish.

Yes, yes, I know that all of you have probably already come across this lovely new nail polish invention, but now with OPI coming out with the new colors I am becoming obsessed. I have already been kind of addicted to nail polish ( I legit have never gone a day without my nails covered in like 2 years), but this brings it to an entirely different level. I love the fact that you can make so many different looks with this new Shatter sensation. You can go bright with white, or nude with black, orange and blue, whatever! Now I only have the black and white shatter because I really didn't feel like coughing out 8.50 for colors that would only go with other certain colors so I went with the ones that would go with everything. And I am now on the quest to get the sparkly silver shatter, but it seems like it is so high in demand that every time I go into Ulta to get it there is none in stock. Bummer, I know. 

But now that we are on the subject of nails, I want to tell you about another look that I absolutely love but I cannot come across the specific gold flake sparkle color. I have seen it once and it was at Sephora and I had no money so there was really no chance that I could get it, so maybe you guys can help a girl out? Here is the look that I am shooting for, and I already have various colors of nudes...I just need the gold sparkle color. 

AND - one more thing. Because when you have as much nail polish as me you kind of need it's own tray. You know, the kind of tray that they sell the nail polish on at stores. Would any of you know where to get that at? I would really appreciate your help. And if you guys have any AWESOME nail ideas I would love to hear about them. I always need inspiration for new looks and just awesomeness. You can even link a picture if you'd like! :) 

Thanks for all of your help and thanks for helping me hit 300 followers! I hope I can keep you all entertained. ;)


  1. Ooo i have yet to try out this new cracked look, very edgy!

  2. I love your nailart! Thanks for sharing :D


  3. http://www.olivecocomag.com/beauty-how-to-newspaper-print-nails/

    Newspaper print nails!

  4. oh my gosh! those newspaper nails are AWESOME! i'm totally trying those out.

  5. Hi , thank you for your lovely comment, nice blog! x

  6. OMGOSH!! i wish i have nail trays like that!! it would be awesome!!

  7. hey,of course i followed you,that's because you have an amazing blog as well.
    This crackle nail polish is an obsession for me as well...kisses my darling

  8. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog post. You are really pretty. I followed you. :) I love shatter/cracking nail polishes but too bad I cant find high end ones from where I'm from. follow me back? :) http://realasianbeauty.blogspot.com xoxo

  9. what a nice/cute blog you have!
    you are so pretty (-:
    maybee you want to look at mine?:-)
    but i'm dane - i don't no if du understand danish?
    but if you do - then here is..


  10. OMG i Love The Green And Black Ones <3

  11. I love the crackle look, but I think I like the gold sparkle more! If you find out where and how much that is I would love to know! Thank you so much for your comment, hope you keep coming back! :)

  12. Just follow My blog Im going To !do a Post about it so soon :)

    Keep in touch honey

  13. OPI is the best!


  14. I want to try the crackle...just havent gotten around to.


  15. Love this! I only have the black crack nail polish, but the other colors look so great too! :D


  16. I wanna try it !!! In love with cracked nails ! ^^

  17. Hi, for those gold glitter looks, try a craft store, its hopefully cheaper to buy kid's glitter, mix with dollar store clear & create your own.OPI is $$$$. Gave as gift once. Walgreens had silver 'crackle' by Sally Hanson, I think called "wrinkled foil" or something close, see if you can get some on sale? Sometimes Walgreens has coupons, don't know if for polish. Thanks for tips on Comics 4 nails.Awesome.

  18. That specific one is deborah lippmann boom boom pow


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