comic strip nails.

Newspaper nails was SO last week. How about this hot nail art. Same idea, different look. Comic strip nails. 

Now that you have seen the pictures and saw how AWESOME they look. Let me tell you how to do them.

What you need.
Rubbing alcohol.
White or nude nail polish.
Ten strips of the comics (make sure to choose the cutest cartoons).
Top Coat.
Small cup. (You put the alcohol in this, if you didn't know lol.)

What you have to do. 
1. Paint nails a nude/white color and let dry. 
2. Dip the comic strip cartoon in the alcohol for 2-3 seconds. 
3. Press the paper firmly on nail for 30 seconds. 
4. Carefully peel strip off.
5. Apply top coat.

That's it! Easy. Try it and let me know how it turns out, I'm totally open for pics too. :)

These are my toes. I just thought that I would post this on here to show those of you who don't know what the shatter looks like, since you were all interested in my other nail post. It's cuuuuute. :)

And Bug just decided to make a cameo on my post. I hope you don't mind. ;)


  1. How cute are those nails- very creative!

  2. those are quite interesting! i'm about to do a mani-pedi for my first week of my new job! but i've got to look uber professional so no cool nails. just french or solids :(

    the style projects

  3. your nails look awesome. thanks for the post, can't wait to try it after i get the sunday paper!

  4. Such a good idea! After I try it out i'll send you a pic :)

  5. SOO CUTE!!!!!!!
    Thanks for posting this!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xxx

  6. Aw man, you beat me to it. ;] Ever since the first newspaper nails tutorial, I've thought about doing comic strip nails but haven't gone out to buy some pale nail polish. I like this! Especially the Garfield one, lol. Also, here's a tip; if you use almond extract instead of rubbing alcohol, the print will turn out darker! Not to mention it smells somewhat glorious. ;D



  7. Thanks for the sweet comment! I really like the comic strip nails, what a unique and cool idea!

    I also really love the cute little mustache in your header. Adorable.

    ♥ LW

  8. rach! thanks for finding my blog. i'm your newest follower via bloglovn'! I hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend.

  9. Thanks for your sweet comments!

    So...you commented before and asked me to check out your blog. And I totally did. And I was going to come back and comment and I completely forgot! Sorry! :/ Remembering things is not my forte.

    Anyways, I think your blog is super cute. I love the edits you do on your pictures...do you cross process or what?

    And also...I LOVE the comic strip nails. So freaking cute!

  10. I really want to try it! They look amazing

  11. Those are so cute!!! I Love them! I can't wait to try them!

  12. wooow great job, looks awesome!!

  13. woow great job!! they look awesome!!

  14. wowee i love your nails- super cool! I've just started my blog, please have a look when you can/ follow me and i will be sure to follow you back. It requires some work but i need some traffic haha x


  15. I LOVE stumbling onto a blog that I just absolutely fall in love with. This just made my weekend :)


  16. so cute :) they came out fantastic!

  17. This is such a genius idea, your nails turned out so well. Thanks for turning me on to your blog.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  18. it's such a cute fun and easy look to do! i hope you all try it out sometime. :)

  19. i totally did this to my nails, but yours is way cooler!! :) one of my friends did it with road maps! You should try that too!!

  20. Couple of days ago I had the idea of doing something like that. These nails looks cute :P gotta do them too.


  21. this is so cool, thanks for the tutorial! wil def try thigs when i have the time xo elien

  22. i've been waiting to try this with comics/newspaper! such a cool idea and it seems to simple!

  23. i did these today :)
    i found a comic that had flowers and put those over white and they look greaattt..thanks for the idea!
    i'm thinking i'll write a post about it on my blog and i'll link yours :)

  24. can't wait to see rebecca! and i am super excited to see some pictures! :)

  25. my friend tried that the other day and loved finding fun newspaper clippings to put on her nails. great idea!

    love your blog!

    andrea g.


  26. I love those nails! :)
    Thankyou for commenting on my blog!

    Chelsea x


  27. just came here from live.love.craft
    looove your blog :)
    Can't wait to try out this idea. I'm curious to see how it works

    my blog stylifiq.blogspot.com


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