Now we all love winning things, don't we? Well I decided that I was going to do a little post about all of the things that I have won from giveaways!

First : Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow - I won it from Mal Pearsons 30 days of giving last november. When I got that email saying I won, I flipped my lid.

Second : My first Melie Bianco bag, the Morgan. I ended up trading this purse for an Edith because I liked that purse much better. This one just wasn't my style. 

Third : Fresh Wave from Mal Pearson. This is also ammmmmazzing (Notice the Extra m's and z's. that means it's legit.) It is perfect for my stinky soccer bag. 

Fourth: This Carly Melie Bianco bag. :) 

Fifth : MyCleanScene Cleanser. (AWESOME, you should probably get it.)
And my most recent win : Another Melie bag, it's absolutely lovely...the Ariana. :) I actually got to pick out the bag that I won and I totally went for this one, I love messenger bags and bright colors. Perfecto. :)

Now, what I would LOVE to know is what have you guys won from giveaways? Anything you absolutely LOVE and can't live without? Fun things? Share, please! :)


  1. well geez, you have such a winning streaak, these are great wins!

  2. that carly melie bag is amazing. (the red one)

  3. What?! I have never won a single thing! That's it, I'm unsubscribing due to jealousy. Especially for the last handbag!!! Lol :P
    Just kidding, new follower here, hello! I'm glad you liked my blog, did you have a chance to subscribe?
    Looking forward to more posts from you,

  4. congrats! winning is so much fun :)


  5. wow congrats! you won some cool things. i never win anything! lol xx

  6. That's so cool -- I'm very close friends with the owner of LimeCrime (Doe Deere). In fact, I created their motto.

    It's fun to win things.

  7. Wow you are a blessed girl!!! I have not won anything... well I don't enter anything I am too scared to..... How does that go though??

  8. Awesome winnings!! I can see you like a good giveaway just like the rest of us! :)
    I am always doing giveaways on my blog, I have one ending in a few days, and about to post another. Stop by if you have a chance, we'd love to have you!!


  9. Okay, you're blog is super cute!

  10. Danngg,
    you've won a ton!
    I haven't won anything :/
    not my luck, eh?
    I've entered like every giveaway possible!
    Haha, oh well (:



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