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Hey all! I'd like to take this time to show you guys an absolutely wonderful Etsy shop

The owner of the shop is Joy. And she is the sweetest and most talented woman ever. 

She not only is the mastermind behind amazing photography, but she has come out with this wonderful greeting card and stationary company. 

Take a look at some of her lovely, lovely creations. 

She can customize it for you. 

She can make you laugh.

She can make you smile. 

She can help you make the day of someone else. 

So, with her trying to brighten the day for all of you she has offered to giveaway 4 exclusive cards.
You guessed it, in honor of the stache she has made a cute little mustache card for one of you guys! 

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is...

Check out her shop and tell me what you like the best. 
and follow my blog. :)

The winner will be announced on Friday! 
Good luck! :)

PS: Guess who turns 18 tomorrrrrow! :)



  1. Hey!
    These are super cute. I love etsy and the whimsical, handmade loveliness you find on there. These card's are a great example of having that home-made feel to a personal message. I have to say I loved the illustrative element to the text and drawings on the card front's and general quirkiness. Particularly "Whale, Whale, Whale what do we have here?" made me smile :)

    Following you now Rach! and Happy birthday for turning 18! :)

    Laura @ http://fashionbreaksmyheart.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity! My favorite item in her shop is "Word Art Print: happily ever after"


  3. I also follow your blog, have been for a while :D

  4. I kind of absolutely love the you're my absolute favorite one!
    I also love following your blog:) So awesome!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. these are lovely! you could make some serious money out of them, i reckon :-)

    ps, love your bloggg!

  6. Ahh cute cards. My favourite in her shop is probably the "Feel better soon" card with the plaster on it. I don't know why, I think I just like the simplicity of it :-)
    GFC- Dragon Mommy

    Holli x

  7. I love the flower pink custom cards. So cute, and pink, really what could be better!?
    Yay happy birthday for today :) Hope you have an amazing day.
    I'm following :) x

  8. LOVING her mustache cards. ;) duh.

  9. Love the mustache cards, and the Mothers Day ones are so cute!!

  10. Hey Rach,

    thanks for your lovely comment. Love your little colorful mustaches in the header and of course your blog. you have a new reader.

    Joe ♥

    >> IN THE NICK OF TIME – a photo diary<<
    >> little girl in big city <<

  11. these are all so cute! i laughed when i saw the whale one. too funny! i hope you had a great birthday!!

  12. I really like the red mustache stationary :) And I also follow your blog :) Hope you had a fabulous birthday girl!

  13. well the mustache ones are definitely my favorite. i love the whale ones too. i'm a follower and happy birthday.


  14. I love all of them but I love the teacup and retro cassette tape :)

  15. I love the lovebirds wedding invite and the "whale whale whale" card! Cute!

  16. I love the "I really like you" anniversary ones! so cute and perfect to give the man on our one year next month!! :)


  17. Loving the custom monogrammed stationary in purple...my favorite color. :)


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