getting ready for a higher education.

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Hey guys! 

I don't know about you, but my life as I know it is going to be changing drastically in the next 4 months. 

I will be attending college, that means new people, new books, new classes, a new living area, and I have to learn how to do my own laundry.


Well since a lot of my readers are in the same boat as me I decided I would help you guys you and make a little check list for you. You know, the stuff that needs to be done before you go off on your own in this big, bad, world.

So, lets get to it.


Make sure that you have a graduation party or some sort figured out. Your loved ones will want the chance to see you and congratulate you on your accomplishment of actually getting through that prison we call high school. "Congratulations! You graduated from prison! I'm so proud of you!"


Get a summer job, preferably. Unfortunately, you have to get a job, unless your parents are paying everything for you. College is way too expensive to not start ahead of time. Get a job. Make bank. Be happy.


Enjoy the summer before college with your friends. This could be one of the few times you see them. If they are leaving to go far away, or even if they are going to a college in the same state, get together and have fun. Make sure you remember those times with your best friends.


 Get your stuff. (Preferably make it cute too) If you are going away you are going to need some basic things like towels, a fridge, microwave, tv, sheets, pillows, a laptop, and all of the miscellaneous things you need.


 Find a roommate. I don't know about you, but I really do not want to go into this thing completely blind. Sorry, but I do not want a future convicted felon to live with me. Sorry.


 Set up housing. Duh.


Set up your class schedule. Again, duh.


 Looook for books. There is a wonderful website where the books sell for CHEAP. Like, amazingly cheap. Just compare this price with others. Hit that up yo. (And some of there proceeds go to operations smile, I mean, c'mon.) 


Move in. Ah!


Tell your parents you love them.


Enjoy the college years, learn, have fun, be successful. 

If I forgot anything, please let me know down in the comments! 

Have a greats week, friends!



  1. I WISH I could enter the giveawaayy!! ):

  2. Oh how I loved college. Now time for Grad School :)

  3. collegebookrenter.com is also a fabulous site to find discounted books. you rent them for the time period you need at like half the cost. Its where I have gotten all my books for the past 2 years, I love it!


  4. Tooooootally agree with the last picture there! I've just graduated from University here in England and I'm like woah, that's it? You've got some good tips there :)



  5. such a fun post!haha loved reading it! great :)

  6. Awesome tips!


  7. college is great! i think everyone i've ever known (including me) has had a crazy roommate at some point...so good luck with that!! just be yourself and you will have a ball!

  8. YAY! I'm graduating this year, can't wait.
    Nervous and excited.
    Bittersweet, but EEEP!
    Can't wait.
    Great tips by the way.
    Somewhat obvious, but us high school graduates tend to get a bit lost as we approach the sunlit horizon...

  9. I'll be off in college next year, too! I actually am going into the roommate thing blind - only because if I go in with someone I like, I know I'll end up hating them by the end of us living together.
    Can't wait!
    xo Heather

  10. seriously..college really does fly by. next year I'll be a senior and I still feel like I didn't graduate high school that long ago. Enjoy all this fun preparation and excitement! :)

  11. ooh you have such a cute blog!!
    come visit mine??

  12. you are too funny girl! congrats on graduating! definitely a big step for you! you'll have so much fun in college. and don't stress out, just remember you will be surrounded by people thinking the same things and being scared of the same things. worked together and you will do perfectly. and hanging out with friends is definitely the number one thing. you have to enjoy being young as long as you can! ;)
    xo TJ

  13. oh, and don't worry, laundry isn't as scary as it seems!


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