fall means.

As I am sitting here typing this blog post, it is a beautiful sunny, windy fall day.

And I love it. 

Something about fall that I absolutely look forward to, well other than the bonfires, smores and Halloween, is the clothing.

The thing about fall is that you actually get to layer without dying from a heat stroke. Yes!

Here are some of the necessities every fashionista needs for fall. 

A good pair of light wash skinnies. I feel like when it is fall and you are around all of the colorful tree's a good pair of light, distressed jeans will do you good. You can roll them up for a more laid back feel, or you could just wear them straight with some cute boots. So versatile and necessary for fall. 

Another thing is a good oversized cardigan. Fall is all about layering and oversized, and being comfortable. 

A good pair of boots. While you are trekking through those fallen leaves. 

And of course you are going to need a cute, light jacket for those chilly nights. 

What are your fall necessities?


  1. I love fall sooo much and today its actually cooler so now I'm wearing skinnies, a scarf, a long sleeved shirt, and black flats. And just last night I went shopping at H&M and got the cutest oversized cardigan - its black with elbow patches!!!!!! And its got two pockets in the front and its cozy and warm and I'm going to put it on now because I'm freezing. :)

    Oh, one of my fall necessities are my black riding boots. I would wear them everyday if I didn't care what people thot of me. lol


  2. Today was nice and cool here! I think an item every girl needs for fall is plenty of scarves and a great leather jacket!

  3. That knit looks totally adorable! Love the boots too :) Nice autumn look! ( Yep, I'm used to call this season "Autumn" because they teach Brit english in Finland's schools :D Plus it's slightly prettier word too I think ..hmm Fall, like something's falling..Well it's been pouring water a lot lately so I guess it fits ! :P )

    Indie by heart

  4. I absolutely love your blog ! :) xx

  5. Boots! I love fall just because I can start wearing boots again :) I do love the skinny jeans - oversized sweater combo, too!

  6. Okay, so, I just found this blog. First: I love it!! And secondly: I LOVE that jacket. It's so cute.


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