halloween outfits.

Hi guys! Long time no see, huh?

Sorry, I have been bombarded with midterms the past two weeks so I have been off my blogging game and studying constantly. 

BUT I have the weekend free so that means that I get to blog! Yay!

And for my first blog of my favorite month of the year, I am going to blog about easy Halloween outfit ideas. :)

Here we go! 


Basically to be a cute vampire you need a lacy dress, either black or white, some deeeep purple or red lips, long crimped or loose curled hair, and those glue on vampire teeth. Wa-lah! A cute vampire. 

Roman Goddess

You just need a white sheet that you can cut up, a braided gold headband and belt and some flat goddess sandals. Wear your hair down and put the headband around your forehead, make your toga out of the cut up sheet, make it however short or long you want, or one-shouldered or a halter top. Work it. Go for light, mythical make-up and you are good as gold. 

A cute kitty, or mouse.

This one is simple, all you need is an all black outfit with some ears and a tail. Use your eyeliner for some whiskers and a cute cat eye and you are settttttt.


If you are feeling more clever you could always go for this outfit. Use a posterboard or cardboard and draw the front page of facebook and leave an opening for your head as your "profile picture". How clever. 

Nudist on Strike

If you aren't in the mood to dress up, this is one for you. Just make a sign that says "Nudist on Strike". What a wonderful costume, huh? ;)

What are you guys being for halloween?


  1. Love the vampire idea! Hope all your exams went well :)


  2. Spider(wo)man! My friends are being Captain America, Superman, and Batman! We're like the Justice League >:)

  3. vampire outfit will look sexy and cool ^^

  4. hahah i looove those last too- especially the FB page. Those are my favorite kinds of costumes- i'm not really into the whole wear lingerie and pretend it's a costume look =P

    my favorite one so far was my friend's from three years ago. Her shirt said "home wrecker" but she was dressed up as a construction worker- super cute!

  5. hahahahahahaha loooove 1st one, sooo cute!
    Thnks for your lovely comment :)
    Follow u right now. Hope you can follow me back!

  6. I love Halloween so much! You've got adorable stuff!



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