Hello lovelies! 

Since I finally have a break from school I get the chance to go on vacation. With vacation coming up I have really tried to figure out what I will need to take to the beach. While surfing the web, looking for inspiration, I have found some wonderful ideas and I figured you guys would enjoy them too. 

Here are some of my beach necessities. 

You are going to need a big, floppy, CUTE hat to protect your face from those sun rays. 

If you plan to go into the water and surf, boogie board, etc, you are going to want a rash guard, trust me. Simons has a great selection of cute rash guards FYI. 

You need yourself a beach bag to keep all of your goodies in one place! 

Of course you are going to need a super cute swimming suit to show off. 

Sunscreen to keep your beautiful skin beautiful even longer. 

Some sunglasses because you will be blind if you plan to stay out on the beach all day without them. Plus they are cute, so why not?

What are your beach necessities?


  1. Don't forget to bring some beads in case it gets wild at night!

  2. I like having my iPod and a big towel to just lay down and relax while listening to some tunes.
    Nice post!!

    All the Cute
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  3. I love the beach!!!
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  4. Great photos, looking for a big old holiday beach bag, not got loads of money to spend... any ideas?


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