election giveaway!

Today is election day as I'm sure all of you know, and whether you are voting democratic or republican we all know that we love our country and will always support it no matter what! And with that comes a very patriotic giveaway.... 

G Wear – $68 *GIVEAWAY*

It's election day!!! G Wear shirts that are made in America (not China!) and feature all-American themes are made from vintage recycled T's so they are also 'green'. G Wear by Stanley Jackson is an eco-friendly company that designs one-of-a-kind organic cotton t-shirts, with unique designs created from recycled fabrics.  G Wear reflects a strong interest in the environment. This brand currently comes up with new ways of creating clothing designs that resist categories. Using T-shirts as a “canvas” and recycled fabrics as stitched-appliqu├ęs, G Wear creates designs that allow the wearer to communicate a relaxed style all their own, with no two shirts being alike. USA gold medal gymnast Carly Patterson is seen wearing them along with NFL wives and so many more!  

Good Work(s) Make A Difference leather wrap bracelets $24

Each colorful bracelet by Good Work(s) Make a Difference is embossed with a number of uplifting and motivating phases such as “forgive,” “strength,” be aware,” “faith,” “freedom,” “accept diversity.” 
not only do these bracelets make you look and feel good, just by purchasing one you are helping to do good! 25% of the net profits go to good causes to inspire one community at a time. In 2012 Good Work(s)’s goal is to move 120 homeless families off the streets and into completely furnished homes in their “Home Sweeter Home for the Homeless” campaign. Good Work(s)continuously finds opportunities to “do good”  by helping those in need. Whether it’s sending girls to the prom who couldn’t afford their dresses, tickets and such to helping children through college when their mom has passed away from breast cancer doing good always works!
 Good Work(s) GIVEAWAY!!

If you guys do not win, don't worry! You can purchase these through Apricot Lane, a super cute boutique that I am in LOVE with! 

Here's how to enter. 
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And tell me why you love the US of A. :) 

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The giveaway will run for one week, until next tuesday! So get to it! 


  1. Email: jesusfreakforreal@hotmail.com
    I love the great 'ol USA because it is a place that makes me appreciate all the blessings I have. Some countries don't allow people to vote, let alone letting women vote. I know I have a great privilege to voice my opinions and I can make a difference by voting. I also love the U.S. because it is still the land of opportunities. I have been given the opportunity to go to college in order to get a higher education so that one day I can get a job. I don't have to worry about having dirty or poisoned water; I am able to sleep without being afraid, and I know when my next meal is coming. I am truly blessed and that makes me proud to be an american!!

  2. mythreebittes@yahoo.com
    And I love the US of A because well there are just too many reasons to list. ha.

  3. I follow you on twitter! I'm amber__mack

  4. You are just so cute!! And I don't know I just do!
    My email: idrinkcaprisun@gmail.com

  5. I follow you on GFC and my email is janmloves@gmail.com.
    I love US of A because it's such an accepting country...well for the most part ;)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  6. I follow via GFC and my email is frikkenduckie@gmail.com

    I love the USA because everyone is so different! It's the melting pot of the world.

    ♥ Duckie.

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  8. hello there- i follow you on twitter, liked your facebook page, and followed your blog.
    I love the US because of the strong patriotism and
    you can't forget about good ole american football.


  9. Thanks,for your lovely comment on my blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    Let me know follow you then back on both.:-)

  10. cool stuffs! goodluck with the giveaway :)

  11. I love America because we can all be free :)


  12. I like so hi on facebook


  13. I have been to the USA six times, and I loved every minute I was there,
    Viva LA americana!!!
    xoxo Moana

  14. Love the shirts and especially the bracelets! I'm not too sure what GFC is or else I would follow!
    my email is cheqkatiechamel@yahoo.com
    I love the USA because of all the opportunities we have here!

  15. I have never been to the USA but I wish I could! I love how it is so big an d busy and not like NZ!

  16. I follow you via gfc! ;)
    ambie xox

  17. i love my country because i know so many have sacrificed for us by fighting and we have so many rights that other countries don't have! my email is suzelizcorso(at)gmail(dot)com !
    I've liked your page on FB!

  18. my email is suzelizcorso(at)gmail(dot)com !!

    I love America because of all the rights we have!

  19. i follow your blog! my email is megmouch(at)gmail(dot)com and why i love the us of a is because of our awesome military and since today is veterans day we owe them our complete thanks!

  20. Thanks for a fab giveaway! Hello from Ireland! I love the USA because I have so many friends over there from a multitude of states and I love that they share their cultures and lives with me. I also love how diverse the US is when it comes to its landscapes - from the warm beaches of Florida, to the mountains of Colorado to the deserts of Arizona, every state holds a new adventure.

    I followed via GFC, followed you on Twitter - @Trixiebellexx and tweeted - https://twitter.com/Trixiebellexx/status/267940971604488192

    My email is - fionairish@eircom.net

  21. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love the USA for all the opportunities we have and for allowing us all to have a voice.

    my email- thestylishtype@gmail.com

  22. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    I love the USA because it has gone through so many rough times, but it hasn't stopped us!


  23. My email is peytonclausen@yahoo.com

    Love the USA because it will ALWAYS be home, no matter where in the world I am.

    I followed via GFC, followed in twitter (@peytonclausen), and liked on FB!

    Also, tweeted about it: https://twitter.com/peytonclausen/status/268368273358344192



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