the right way to wear a cardi.


It's cold. 

You know what that means? Oversized, comfy, lazy, knitted cardigans.

But how do you wear them the right way?

Have no fear. Rach is here.

First thing first. You can basically layer anything that has a relatively same color scheme with it. I find this the best way to wear one. 

You are supposed to be comfortable that means you work that messy hair girl. Work it.

It's easy, really. Get an oversized cardi, pair it with a simple t. 

Since the cardigan is pretty bulky, pair it with some simple jewelry. 

And if you want to be realllllly comfy. Wear some leggings. Leggings = love. 

How do you like to wear your cardi's? 

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  1. great blog :) so lovely pics..
    you have new follower, hope you visit me back and follow..kisses

  2. where did you get the pics from?? and seriously LOVING every single look there! its amazing how people layer stuff. i'm trying to learn how to be creative with layering. :)


  3. I love the outfit in the fourth picture. The t-shirt is so cute and the red cardigan is to die for :D

  4. superrr cute! totally agreeing with all these tuips :D


  5. hi hun,
    I really like your blog and your nice!
    New follower there,
    If you want I'm waiting for you on my blog!

    kiss jexika lyter

  6. perfect post & winter inspiration! xx

  7. this post will definitely come in handy! i'm a huge huge fan of cardigans and i wear one almost everyday because our office A/C is winter-cool all the time. for my big long knitted ones, i usually pair them with leggings. "Leggings = love." couldn't agree with you more. :)

  8. follow for follow?? following you now and love your blog, beautiful way of writing will definiitely be returning! xxx


  9. I do love me some cardigans. I usually wear mine open, not oversized, and with everything ;)

  10. Great minds think alike...I did a post on layering today. Can you believe I don't have a chunky cardi? For shame!

  11. Thanks for the comment.. your blog is really pretty

  12. I looooove cardi's my friends call me cardigan lady because I own a bazillion! x
    Just Rach ♥

  13. Love this post.
    Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons :).
    And cardigans and jumpers on a dress my favorite outfits!
    Would wear a dress with a tight waistline and a pleated skirt with them, so well dressed but comfy.


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