college basics.

So, my last post had a lot of positive comments so I figured I would provide you guys with some basics that you are going to need when you head to university. 

Sound good? Well lets get started. 

You are going to need RAINBOOTS. Seriously. Do not forget these. Today it has been blizzarding (yes, a blizzard, in March. I have no idea what Mother Nature has against warm weather this year) and I they were LIFE-SAVERS. They will protect you from not only rain, but snow, slush, and mud as well. Not to mention it is always fun to run around in the puddles. 

Okay, I know you all think you are going to have the BEST ROOMMATE EVER. But, most likely there will be some sort of problem or disagreement at some point in time. One of those things could be how late they stay up, or how early they wake up. That is why it is a good idea to bring a blind fold and  earplugs. These saved me my first semester. 

You are obviously going to need a computer/laptop. (Here' is a good discount on some Dells) I know a lot of people think that an Ipad or tablet will suffice, but I don't see how it can. But whatever, do what you want. Just saying, it is much more convenient to get a computer or laptop. 

An umbrella. It rains. Don't forget about that. I know some people do.

Plenty of leggings/comfy pants. Don't hate on my legging loving ya'll. Wear 'em while its acceptable. College. Because we know when we graduate that's not going to be happinin'. 

Highlighters. Did you know that you learn better in color? 

And that's all I have for now. I'm sure I'll think of more later. Stay tuned my loves. 



  1. thanks for the list! seems like some great basics- I'll try to remember for fall :)

  2. so glad you found my blog so I could come to yours!! love it!

  3. *cough* Legging love doesn't stop after college. Track/sweatpant love ends after college. Legging love will be a life time love. They're so comfy, and even when they're threadbare [not that i would have those...] they're great for doing house work ;)

    I definitely agree for the rest of them, other than the earplugs because I can literally sleep through everything.

  4. Great basics, I am done with college, but could definitely see these ideas being used for gift ideas. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love meeting new bloggers

  5. yes to rain boots! i am sooo happy i used my money to get some good ones. they have done good to me :)

    The DayLee Journal

  6. Love your boots!


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