college must have.

Yo, Ho's. (Sorry, was that inappropriate?)

I decided that since some of you folks are 'bout to go to college this upcoming year I would give you some wise words of wisdom. 

Probably the most important words you will hear in the next 5 years.

Take a ball-cap. 

I know, you're thinking...Why? Those aren't "stylish", "fashionable", or "cute." "Those are for boyzzzzz" 

Oh but contrare, my dear readers, they are cute. And in college they are often nessaccarey.

Oh! You have an 8 am and you woke up at 7:55? Hat. 

Oh! Didn't have time to wash your hair last night and it's lookin' a little dirty? Hat. 

Oh! Just too lazy to get up and do your hair? Hat. 

Feelin' a little sporty today? Hat. 

Actually going to a baseball game? Hat.

Oh! You have actually realized that base-ball caps are super cute? Hat.

BOOM. There's your answer to all of life's questions. Hat. Hat. Hat.

You'll thank me, my loves, mark my word.



  1. Love your little dog. These images are all pretty.


  2. You should do more like these! More tips for college :)

  3. Love it!! This is awesome. I am back in school. I NEVER wear caps... EVER. But let's see, the semester is 2 months in and I have now worn a hat about ... oh... 9 times?!?! Those 8am classes are for the BIRDS! Love your blog. Keep writing!

  4. YES. You are 100% correct. You should definitely think about doing a few more posts like this in the future. This was great. :D

  5. nice post!

  6. Hahaha, as a second year uni student I can 100% vouch for this. I just stumbled across your blog today, just followed!

  7. Hehehe love this post, yes hats are a wonderful thing, even if you don't go to collage anymore!

    Happy Sunday lovely,

  8. this girl is soo cute !!
    I like this photo :)
    I follow you now <3

    xoxo J

  9. Love the quilting on the shoulder pad of the jacket

  10. I agree. Baseball hats are a must. But the real question is... where do you find the perfect one? (:


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