One of the new trends that I have been seeing lately have been the cut out trend. And I must say, I love it! 

Here is a super cute cut-out sweater that I received from Style Lately. 

Style Lately is a site that has random clearance sales on the cutest clothing and accessories, the thing is, when you see it you need to get it then because it's liable to sell out quick! They mark down the prices of super cute clothing and accessories. Check them out, I'm sure you lovely people will LOVE them. 

Here is a knuckle ring that I received as well. I LOVE it! 

What are your favorite trends right now? 



  1. love it!

  2. Love the white top in the first picture!

  3. Love that sweater! Cut-outs aren't for me, but I love how they look one other people when deployed correctly.


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