Hi lovelies! 

This post of for all of ya'll blondies out there (whether it be natural or not, I still love you all). 

I just wanted to provide some of the tips I had for keeping my hair nice and blonde, while still keeping it healthy and manageable. 

I know we all run into that issue where our hair begins to look brassy, and just not as bleach as you want it to look.

I'm the type of girl that wants my hair so blonde, that some of it starts to look white. 

I know, it's an issue, and I'm working on it. 

But here are a few of my tips and tricks that I use to keep my blonde as blonde as can be! 

Oh my gosh, this stuff does wonders. Seriously. 
The purple supposedly is the opposite color of the blonde which makes the blonde stand out more and blah blah blah. 
I don't know the specifics, all I know is that it works. I wash my hair with this purple shampoo about twice a week and it has kept my hair from getting brassy for a long, long time! 

SECOND: Lemon juice.
It's easy as pie, I'm telling you, it works. 
If the purple shampoo isn't doing it for you, go with this easy go to. Put some lemon juice in a spray bottle and apply some head (hair dryer) and you will begin to notice a little blonde in your life. 

I know if you watch QVC you have seen this stuff. But let me tell you, it is a life saver for my hair. Since my hair is bleached, it gets a litttttle ratty at times. Understandable, and shout out to my hair for dealing with all of the stress I put it through. But think of this Wen stuff as a spa for your hair. It moisturizes it and keeps it healthy and shiny. 

FORTH: Cornstarch
What? Cornstarch? I know. Weird. But, this stuff is what I use when I happen to skip a shower and my hair is a little bit greasy. BOOM CORNSTARCH. Guys, it works so much better than dry shampoo and it is CHEAP. Trust me guys. Just trust me. 
And for you brunettes out there, add some cocoa powder. You'll thank me later.

And... I had to include one of the cutest blondes out there. Just for the fun of it.:)

What do you guys use for your hair? Regardless if you are blonde or not, I want to know! 

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I want to hear from you! :) 


  1. These are great tips! I've heard cornstarch works well, and I was just reading about adding cocoa powder for brunettes. I'm a brunette, so I typically wash my hair with John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner. Joico makes great products, too. Thanks for sharing these tips!


  2. Great tips! I'm not a blonde, but I have heard that purple shampoo really helps. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  3. I am loving these tips for keeping my hair nice and blonde :) haha I've had that same problem, where I get it so blonde it may or may not look a little white...I love purple shampoo! and that dyi dry shampoo has my name written all over it! thanks lady :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. great! i'm glad you will be able to use it!

  4. Great tips! Although I'm not a natural blonde, I do get highlights. I haven't tried purple shampoo, and now putting it on my shopping list!

  5. Hi Rach, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I came to look at your blog and I think it is great. I love all the great tips you gave. I would not have thought of any of these myself. Also, thanks for trying them out as well just to make sure they work. Your hair looks fantastic from the photos so I think what you are doing is working great.


  6. Great tips, thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog.
    We just followed you on gfc, bloglovin and youtube
    Hope you can follow us too :)


  7. Purple shampoo is the holy grail and I love joico! xxx

  8. Great post! I heard a lot about purple shampoo!



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