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Hi everyone! 

Today I am going to talk about a wonderful company that I have had the opportunity to review some products for. 

That company is called Maple Holistics

First, before I start the review I wanted to mention how wonderful this company is in general. 
This company focuses on all natural, pure, healthy products. 
Each and every product I reviewed, I could pronounce the ingredients.
This is so important and I believe should be an essential part of your beauty and health routine. 

With that being said, these products were not only all natural but they also worked SO WELL. So... to explain more.. Please read ahead... 

I received 3 products. Winter blend conditioner, sage shampoo, and a clay mask. 

Each and every one of these products were absolutely wonderful. They smelled great, they felt great, and they all left my hair and face feeling healthy. 

First lets focus on the shampoo and conditioner. 

The conditioner I received, called the Natural Winter Blend, was a conditioner that was made with 18 different silk amino acids that conditioned my hair. This conditioner was developed to help out dry, and broken hair (which I fall victim to due to dying my hair blond). It not only conditioned my hair extremely well, but it also left my hair smelling like peppermint the rest of the day. 

The shampoo that I received was the Sage Dandruff shampoo. Like I said before, I have really dry hair and because of that I suffer from dandruff every so often (which is nasty I know, that's why I have this shampoo). This shampoo helped my hair stay healthy and smelled wonderful as well. And I have had no dandruff since using it! 

Lastly, I received the Ancient Clay Facial Mask. 
This mask literally came in a powdered clay form, and you just added water to make the mask. It was so easy and you can tell that it was extremely natural. And let me tell you, this thing actually tightens your face! It was kind of crazy how well it worked. Even after the first time I used it I noticed a difference in my face, and it was awesome! This mask is made from french green clay and absorbs impurities from the skin while hydrating and tightening it at the same time. I must say, it was ahhhhhmazing. 

Please, make sure to check out this amazing company. You will not regret it! 

Have a great day! 

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