hello april.

You know what time it is! 

Sponsor time, baby.

This next month is not only a beautiful month, and my birthday month, but also the PERFECT opportunity to start your sponsorship with So, hi! 

Yea, yea, I know, I know. Why should I choose So, hi to sponsor on?

1: Because it's awesome.
2: Because being a sponsor of So, hi means that you are an automatic friend of Rach.
and 3: SINCE it is my birthday month I am offering 5 bucks off of any sponsor spot, all you have to do is put my ad anywhere on your blog. :)

Let me hit you with some numbers, huh?

I have over 850 followers.
I have an average of 800 page views a day.
I had over 18,000 page views last month. 
and in the last year I had over 100,000 page views. 
these are all steadily growing, as well. I have been increasing page views and followers ever since I have started the blog and it has been more than successful. 

So here at the rates. 

XL - $25
Featured introduction post (As many links and pictures as you wish).
 Option for giveaway. Option for guest post.

 L - $20
Featured in group intro post (5 links, 3 pictures).
 Option for group giveaway.

 M - $15
Featured in group intro post (3 links, 2 pictures).
Option for group giveaway.

SM - $10
Featured in group intro post (1 link, 1 picture).

Al la carte
Guest post - $10 (You pick when you would like the post to be up.)
Giveaway - $5 (Again, you pick when and how long you would like the giveaway to run.) 

Get at me bro, rachg.423@gmail.com

PS: Haul comin' soooooon. And hopefully I'll be able to post a little more often, school is crazy. For real.


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