hottie of the day.

Thank you Brittany, for requesting our hottie for today.

Mr. Grant Gustin for all you Gleeks out there. :)

Yum. (And I'm not talking about the Gatorade)

I'm not really that into sports, but I'm okay with the Giants. ;)
A PUPPY. Dream man.

 You're dancing your way into my heart. 

And with that we bid adieu to Grant. 



Have a GREAT week! I'll be in Chicago so I won't be able to post for the next couple of days! I hope this'll hold you over! (I'm trying to wave goodbye in that picture, if you didn't get it. lol)

You can always stalk my sponsors instead, ya know? ;)


  1. you are sooo cute rachh!!<3

    and weirdo me.. i havent seen this new guy on Glee!! :P

  2. He is sort of cute, but he is the bad guy so I cannot fancy him! lol I watch too much Glee!

  3. Ugh, how dare you, I had to wake up from my dream land that included Grant Gustin in them. Ugh.
    LOL. Love Grant so much!
    The best Warbler, he's gotten way better! (Attitude wise, he's always been fine...!)

  4. He's a cutie for sure!

  5. yes, he is cute :)

    have fun in Chicago!! :)

    xo, Lissie

  6. He's so cute! <3

  7. Ohhhhh goodness...... I love him sooooo much!!!!! Gahhhh!!!!! Kate told me it was someone in the Warblers and I thought she meant Blaine, but this guy is pretty freaking hot, too!!! Hahaha ;)

  8. Can I just drool right here? Okay, sorry. :P

    I'm your newest friend! You're such a cutie and thanks for your words on my little "i am happy" post. I'm SO honored that someone as famous as you stopped by. It sounds like you had a great weekend with your family and bf last week... hope your time in Chicago is just as good!




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