opinion post: asymmetrical skirts.

Hey guys!

It's March (Obviously) and you know what that means...


Awesome, right? 

And with spring comes new spring fashion. 

I can't wait to rock the neon shorts, the pastel nail polish, the floral dresses and skirts, everything.

But one of the upcoming trends that I am starting to see is the trend of the asymmetrical skirt. 

If you don't know what that is, it is where the skirt is longer in the back, shorter in the front. It is really taking the "fashion world" by storm. I see it everywhere.

And I am relatively indifferent about them.

I mean, I like the style...I think. I don't know. 

That's why I am coming to you guys to see what you think. 

I want to know what YOU think. Leave a comment telling me what is going on in your little brains.


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  1. I like the flowy skirts...and when the short part isn't SUPER shorter than the longer part. did that even make sense? haha. I am picky when it comes to these types of skirts...but if you find the right one they are brilliant!

  2. iactually bought a dress with a hemline like this for captain's ball (our big formal event). at the time, i was pretty on the fence about the style, but i bought it a week before, and it was onsale for $11.00, so it was one of my last options. i was on the fence at first, but after receiving a ton of compliments from friends, and feeling like a princess all night, i'm starting to really like this trend. as for everyday, i'm still not so sure but it's growing on me.
    xoxo, lauren

  3. Im not sure if I like them really!? They might be ok for a day trip in the summer but I wouldnt wear them for a shopping trip or a day at the beach and I definitely wouldnt wear them clubbing? I dont know. x

  4. I think they're cute & I wouldn't mind owning a few pairs.

  5. I love the asymmetric skirts and dresses. Perfect for the spring/summer. They can really make an outfit stand out and allow you to make so many combinations choosing between different styles =)

  6. I actually hate asymmetrical hems. It always look like something's wrong. Did the maker not know how to fix the hem in a straight line? Did you get part of your long skirt caught in the door of your car and it ripped? Just pick one. Do you want to have a short skirt or do you want to have a long skirt. A maxi skirt in back while cut up to the crotch in the front doesn't make anyone look any more demure. You're still showing a lot of leg. It just has a lot of fabric in the back. I've never understood them. Then again, fashion isn't supposed to be logical.

  7. this one is definitely tricky. i like when they are really dramatic differences (like the first photo you showed) and some of the high lows (where its shorter in the front than the back) but the ones that are truly asymmetrical (short on one side long on the other) if they aren't dramatic it just looks to me like your skirt is twisted... my roommate wears one of these and i always just want to fix it on her and put the long part in the back.


  8. I've decided that I really like them! I even bought one similar to that last picture (but it's Chevron print)

  9. I really love it, I get sick of the same old thing...but I do not own one yet :) xoxo

  10. I'm really unsure about them! I feel like they're cute... but at the same time I feel like they're, well, the mullet of dresses, and usually mullets are a VERY bad thing.
    xo Heather

  11. Hmm... I'm really not sure on them, I don't really like bare legs and you couldn't wear tights with these without looking weird so.. no, not into them! x

  12. THEY ARE GREAT and this is why:
    You can wear a mini-length dress but the back of your legs won't stick to plastic chairs or get indentation marks.


  13. I love, love, love them!


  14. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comments.You have a wonderful blog here.following you.Have a great day :)

  15. I like them but some of them just look messed up :)

  16. I LOVE the asymmetrical look but it mostly depends on the way the dress/skirt is cut. I prefer the flowing cuts rather than the ones that look hacked off, you know? It's kind of like hair...hair framing the face in layers towards the back versus a mullet that shows a drastic difference in the short cut front and the long back. Hope that makes a little sense. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.


  17. i love the asymmetrical look in which the front of the dress has a high hem and the back has a low hem


  18. I LOVED these skirts. LOVED. Notice the "ed" at the end.
    I saw a deep blue one of these at the mall and I couldn't take my eyes off it, I thought it was beautiful. Apperantily everyone else thought so to.
    You see, these skirts have become a MAJOR hit, and basically every second person is wearing them (at least where I live) When I first saw it, I thought it was original and beautiful, but now it's just a trend, it's something that everyone wears and knows about, that annoys me. They're not special anymore.

  19. I am honestly not a fan. I just can't hop on this trend...and I really think it is going to fade soon. I have not bought any hi-lo skirts or dresses thus far. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you now. Hope you come back and follow too! Have a great week!!

    Because Shanna Said So

  20. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really love the dip hem skirts, so I say go for it!! There great for the summer as spring is round the corner and all.. but also will be great for festivals! Particularly love the two dresses! Followed you, hope you will follow back too :)



  21. I'm not into them. I've seen a ton at Target and stuff and they just don't take my fancy.


  22. I used to not like them at all, & then I found this fabulous color of mustard yellow in a dress, I noticed it was asymmetrical, was a bit iffy about it but I decided to try it on anyway. & I LOVED IT! Lol, seriously, my new favorite dress. I think it just works for some people, ya know?

    Xoxo Lisa

  23. I bought one before Christmas, before I realized it was coming on as a trend. I think they're pretty and I'll wear mine even if it goes "out of style" or whatever. I think they're fun and make me feel like pocahontas. Haha :)


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