friend love.

Here's the first instillation of my series of "love" posts. 

The first love that we are going to talk about is "friend love". AKA your best friends. The ones who you will tell anything too and who you look forward to seeing and hanging out. You miss them when they are gone. You aren't the same when the other isn't there. 

That kind of love, you know? ;)

I have one friend that is like that. 

Her name is Erika. She's cool. 

We go to the same school, have the same classes, and pretty much have relatively the same personality. People mistake us for one another at least once every day. Even teachers. Yea, it's weird. 

One of the readers of the last post, Taesha, said "Love, to me, is patience. joy. and laughter. If someone can make me laugh, make me happy, and is patient with me; then i love em'!" 

Isn't that what a best friend is? Someone to laugh with and someone that you are happy with, and someone you are patient with even when you think they are being irrational? I mean, that is what you have to do to be a good friend. 

Being a friend is such a big thing in someones life, sure you can be "Best Friends" with your significant other, but you still need that affection from someone who can understand the "girl" aspects in your life. You know? Feel free to disagree with me, but that is what I believe. I need someone to talk to about my significant other when there are problems. I need someone to help keep me strong when I go through rough times. 

Friend love is just one of the many loves out there. But it is a wonderful thing. Just like all of the loves. But there are also different opinions out disputing whether or not there is truly one love or more. Here are some of the other opinions...

"how does someone love a cheeseburger, and then say i love my husband?
there's only one love. one love=the person you spend your life with, the person you cherish, the person you kiss goodnight...that person can be "your love" or the person "you love" or the person you say "i love you" to. it can be used as a verb or a noun. ;) ..and then...you really really really enjoy/like/are fond of/ cheeseburgers." - Karly 

"Everyone loves differently and in their own way. Who am I to say there is only one kind of love. I love my family and my dog but I love my husband and children more than I love anyone or anything. My love for my husband and children is a different love and a bond. I don't agree in "one love". I also love witnessing kindness in others. I mean I love it. It brings be joy and brings me to tears sometimes. The selflessness that some people show in our world and in this time makes me love, love." - Blanca


If you are new to this post, go look here and it will explain everything. I'd love for all of you to participate. Thanks! And what do you think of "Friend Love"?



  1. I have a best friend who I love so much.
    He's like my brother, and he does everything for me.
    He's been my best friend for a good five years now, but we went to the same primary and secondary schools, so we grew up together.
    A lot of my friends thought we'd end up dating, which drove me mad, because we don't feel for one another in that way at all.
    Now people assume he's gay, and he just doesn't know it yet. Which I think is a pretty good guess.

    Ciara xx

  2. I love this new series :)

  3. i call my best friend my soul mate...even though we're both married...joo know what i mean?!

  4. This is adorable. I think we all have at least one person that we demonstrate true "friend love" with. It's pretty beautiful

  5. how cute! i love best friends...nothing can replace them!

  6. Such a cute post!

    The Urban Umbrella



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