GFC is dead.

Okay guys, I don't know if you have heard this or not, but I just found out. 

Just in time, too. 

That google is retiring GFC tomorrow. 

But don't freak out, just yet. Blogger is safe. It is the sites that are on wordpress, tumblr, and the other blog sites that are losing GFC.

But I'm afraid that it will someday happen to us, so I just wanted to attempt to back up my blog with Google +. 

So I am here, letting you know, that I would like you guys to go ahead and follow me on Google +. You can see the little widget down by the GFC follower button. 

Thanks so much, and lets pray it doesn't happen to blogger!

Have a wonderful day! I should get back to posting posts that are actually interesting soon. School is kiiilllllling me. Haha



  1. omg everythings shutting down!!!! :P :(

  2. question: as far as i know i'm not on GFC, soo, like, will your blog now be unnaccessible becuz you are using Google+ or what? will ppl who dont have Google+ not be able to follow your blog anymore??

    Sorry, I'm totally techno-challenged! Thanks. Just leave the answer on my blog. :)


  3. Thanks for sharing the information!! I follow you now that I can hahahaha!!!


  4. thanks for the spread of knowledge :)


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