god love.

Here it is! The last installment of my "Love" series for February.

The love that I am going to talk about to day is definitely the most important kind of loves out there.

God love, i.e. Agape. 

No, no, not like "A Gape" one word. Agape. It probably has that little swish above the e, but I don't know how to make one, so...you'll just have to deal. 


God love.

I think of it this way. How on earth would you be able to love anyone, anything, everything with out this kind of love first. God is who gave us our life, who gave us everything we have, everything we need, and who is the one person you can completely count on. He will be there with you through the hardships, through the most wonderful times. He will be there with you through everything.

Now this isn't a religious blog, at all. And nor do I want it to be. But I am posting this because I am a religious person. 

I don't care if you are Catholic, Methodist, Evangelical, as long as you believe in God then I believe that you will go to heaven and have eternal life. 

You can disagree, whatever, just don't comment with something rude.

God is my everything. Your everything. God IS everything. 

That flower sitting outside your window? God made it.
The blue skies? God made it.
Your sister? God made her.
The cheez-it you are about to shove into your mouth? God made it.

He made everything. Do you understand that? 

Without him, where would we be? We wouldn't be. There would be nothing.

I feel like so many people lose their faith based on petty things. "Why did God do this to me? If there was a God he wouldn't make my life so horrible. "

Horrible things happen to everyone. It's life. Do you not understand he is doing this to make us stronger, there is a reason for everything he does. Though you might not see it, if you have faith you shouldn't worry. 

I feel like Courtney, here, summed it up pretty well.

"To me, God love is: knowing you'll never hear God say out loud he loves you, or send you flowers on your birthday, but in every blessing that he gives you in life, that unconditional love he has for each of us is proven again and again, as it also states in the Bible :)"

What do you think? 

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  1. Rach this was super inspiring! Every time I read your blog I end with a smile and today I probably look goofy from the giant smile that I have!! You are amazing girl :)

  2. wow, this is amazing. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  3. I am so happy and overjoyed when I see other young people truly love God. I believe it is something so amazing. Praise and love him...great post !! :))

  4. beautiful post. Gave me shivers, well written. God is everything.


  5. Totally agree! Thanks for posting this---it really got me thinking ;)

  6. nice post my dear! thanks for your visit on my blog and for your sweet comment, if you like follow me also on facebook my Facebook page have a good day... keep in touch ....

  7. Absolutely beautiful post!!! We all need to stop and remember everyday what is truly of value in our lives and our faith should always be at the top of the list. Amazing!

  8. Thank you so much for being so open and honest about your faith and the kind of love that our God provides for us. I love finding other Jesus followers in the blogging world...it is such an encouragement to me to never stop talking about it in my own blog.

    Love love. Also, I am already hooked on your blog. First day finding you and I love it:)...nice work, girl!

    xo Taylor

  9. I totally respect this post and your religion. I am a Christian, but my brother is an athiest. I have friends who are very, very catholic and I love them. Religion never made a difference to me. The type of religion someone is is no deal-breaker for me. I will always love my brother, no matter what he believes in. :)


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