significant other love.

CAUTION: Verrry sappy post ahead. Precede with caution.

When anyone says the word "love" what do automoatically think of?
You think of significant others, right? At least I do when it is in the context of Valentines day.
Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend.

Love is something that everyone needs to experiance, especially love in that special someone. It's so wierd having someone you are completely comfortable around and someone that you can share everything with. Wierd, but amazing. Someone who you aren't afraid to be yourself with, someone who knows your quirks and still loves you for you. Someone who annoys the heck  outta you, but you still love them nonetheless. And the things that happen to annoy you you actually kind of love. You know what I'm talking about? If feels like you are two peices of completely different puzzles that happen to fit together perfectly.
At least that is the way I see it. Some of my readers see it this way.
" Love is something you feel not necessarily something you just say. When you love someone its supposed to be un-explainable, its something you just know. Personally, I think there are too many people that throw it around when in a relationship just because they feel obligated to "express" saying I love you to their significant other. When you feel love, you know it and you show it to someone without even knowing it, its not something that is forced when its real. Either its there or it isn't, you will just know. It won't be fake, and it won't be a lie, it will be real. Some people believe in love at first sight.. personally, I'm not sure. My opinion on love at first sight is that its just the start. It's like an answer or a hint that you should pursue the butterflies in your stomach because there just might be a prize down the road." - Ann
"Love is the reason that I wake up next to my best friend every day. It's the reason I can look at him when I'm pissed at him. It's the reason that we are more than lovers, we are friends. Love made us more than just two people sharing a home. Love made us a family" - Roxxy


I am lucky enough to have found love at such a young age, and who knows if that will change over the course of my college years, but if it does I will never regret the time I am currently spending with my man. We have grown up with each other, we have changed with each other, and we will continue to change over the course of the years. 

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not the type to go out and say that I will one day marry my high school sweetheart, or high school/college sweetheart, or you know what I mean. But I do believe that love is something that changes and grows over the years and I hope that no matter what happens we both end up the happiest ever. 

Who do you love? Why do you love them?  


  1. cute post! I love my boyfriend:) I believe love doesn't have to be this instant thing. I have grown to love my boyfriend and everyday that love gets stronger. I really enjoyed your opinion on love! Gosh, I just love sappy stuff.

  2. Just throwing this out there...

    I met my husband and we started dating when I was 14 years old. We were in separate high schools, but through text messaging we have known each other's every move & location for the past 8.5 years. We ended up going to different colleges about an hour apart from each other, but couldn't handle it for more than 2 years so we transferred home to go to a local school together.

    I'm only 23 now, but we are happily married and are still beyond best friends. I've never had a doubt in my mind that it would end up like this.

    ...so just sayin, this young love thing is possible :)

  3. Me and my other half live together- we've only been together for a year and we're only 23. But thirty minutes after meeting each other, we both went into the toilets and phoned our parents to tell them we'd met the one we're going to marry.
    I feel that more than ever.
    I thikn young love is totally possible and the minute we are both financially stable, i'll be marryin' him!

  4. I actually married my HS boyfriend after college... it just kept getting better & we just kept going. It's been 7 years, married for 2 1/2. <3

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