what is love?

So, that four letter word we all here. 

You know what I'm talking about right?

The one that we overuse, misuse, never use.

The word that defines humans as human. 

The word that helps us get through life.

The word that is one of the most enjoyable, memorable, interesting adventure we will ever go on.


Love is not just a word, it is a feeling. I go through my life seeing the word "love" thrown around like it is nothing. But I stand (well, lay) here before you shouting (typing) out to the world that LOVE IS WHAT MAKES US. It is who we are. It is one of the best things that God blessed us with. 

Whether that love is for a family member, a significant other, a friend, a pet, God it is what drives us as human beings. 

So, you say "Love isn't real, it's just a word". I don't believe you, nor do I think you believe yourself. You are hiding what you truly think. And I want you to know that even if someone ruined the word "Love" for you, remember the feeling will always be present whether you know it at all. It could be a teacher, a friend, a councilor, you are loved by someone. 

Heck, if you are reading this blog right now, I'm pretty certain I love you to a certain degree. 

With Valentines coming up I felt the need to share my opinions and beliefs on what I believe love is, what it should be used for, and how amazing it is. That is why I am starting a little series this month about all the different kinds of love. Friends, family, significant other, God, and I'll probably throw some sort of food in there somewhere too. 

So, just a heads up. I'd love to see what your opinions are on those 4 different kinds of loves. You can either comment down there or email me at rachg.423@gmail.com and tell me what you think. You are likely to be featured in the posts. I'll link you and everything. 

I want you to participate. 

Can't wait to hear what you say. ;)



  1. Aw, what a cute idea. I LOVE love :)

  2. aw, i love you too rach ;)
    great post!

  3. how does someone love a cheeseburger, and then say i love my husband?
    there's only one love
    one love=the person you spend your life with, the person you cherish, the person you kiss goodnight...

    that person can be "your love" or the person "you love" or the person you say "i love you" to. it can be used as a verb or a noun. ;)

    ..and then...you really really really enjoy/like/are fond of/ cheeseburgers.

  4. Everyone loves differently and in their own way. Who am I to say there is only one kind of love. I love my family and my dog but I love my husband and children more than I love anyone or anything. My love for my husband and children is a different love and a bond.

    I don't agree in "one love". I also love witnessing kindness in others. I mean I love it. It brings be joy and brings me to tears sometimes. The selflessness that some people show in our world and in this time makes me love, love.

    Great post. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you.

    1. this is so true, and no, thank you!

  5. I am so sooo into the four types of love, Agape, Eros, Philia, and Storge
    we learned about them in church several years ago, and C.S. Lewis writes about them!
    Agape love is THE CROSS, it is action, service. God to a T.

    This will be awesome, I've often thought about writing about the four loves!!!

    1. i know! they are all so interesting, thanks girl!

  6. Love that can tough it through sacrifice and see nothing but the end result is one of the strongest loves out there.

  7. hahaha i agree with the post right before mine. i think there is only one kind of love, but the loves that you feel are the strongest are the ones that you see as the most important. like, you could LOVE that song, and you could LOVE your boyfriend. when you say LOVE your boyfriend, you really mean like, you actually love him. when you say you love that song, you probably dont love it as much as you love your boyfriend... so yeah, you're just really fond of it, or you just really LIKE that song. thats why i think its confusing when people say they have a crush on someone and say they LOVE them. they should use the word LIKE, or as we used to do when we were younger. "do you like LIKE him?" haha. people should use the word love only in places where it is really meant, not just when you feel attracted to any such thing, because that could be something else. you could like someone or something, but still not love them. people dont tend to notice that. love is a word that is used so much these days, im not really sure if people actually know the true meaning.

    1. i understand what you mean. it is really thrown around in school, but i think that that is just due to immaturity. as they get older they will start to understand...hopefully...

  8. That quote, about the child, i've seen it before, but i just read it to my boyfriend, D, and he just welled up hah

  9. What a great post!
    I believe there are many kinds of love that you can share with many different people: Family, friends, that special someone.
    But I also believe that there is only one type of completely consuming love, that love that makes you feel butterflies and tempts you into trying new things - like skydiving because he loves to skydive - and that love is shared with only one person; it is completely special, beautiful and ethereal.

    The Urban Umbrella


    1. oh my gosh. thank you so much. i love everything you just said.

  10. so adorable, i love this!


  11. What a fantastic post hun on love. I needed it.

    Sometimes you don't know if you are truly feeling love in your life or not.

    Thanks for this. Love that post.

  12. Great post!! I loved it so so much!
    Love, to me, is patience. joy. and laughter. If someone can make me laugh, make me happy, and is patient with me; then i love em'! (To an extent..) But yaa, love is a powerful thing.
    Also love to me can be to lots of things! I love food, boys, my parents, etc...
    I love, love ;)

  13. Love is the reason that I wake up next to my best friend every day. It's the reason I can look at him when I'm pissed at him. It's the reason that we are more than lovers, we are friends. Love made us more than just two people sharing a home. Love made us a family.

    Rach, as always, this is a great post. I hope you pursue writing/journalism/communications in college next year :)
    As a professional writer, I can say that we'd be glad to have you among us, though worried about the competition you'll throw down.



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