meet lauren.

Another one of my lovely sponsors today, Lauren from A Perfect Pair is visiting by my blog today. Okay, first off, this girl probably has the cutest blog layout in the world. She is a wiz at DIYs and just has so many creative idea's! So lets get on to it.


 Hi there! I'm Lauren, the girl behind The Perfect Pear! It's so nice to meet you! My blog is all about crafty things as well as pretty things that make you say "oh I want that" or "lets make that", its filled with DIY's, inspiration and other fun things! I'm currently working on some projects including doing a shop update very soon, so keep a look out! Stop by and say hello, lets be friends!


So there she is! She is definitely an inspirational chick. Check her out, i'm sure you will love her. :)

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  1. Thanks for the great blogspot suggestion! I actually just recently started following your blog and wanted to express to you how lovely i think it is! I'm glad I stumbed upon it :)

    xx. renee


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