senior picture makeup.

Hey everyone!
I'm SO sorry for the lack of posts that really are fun to read - Silly me waited on everything until last minute for the sponsors, so my apologizes. :) But let's get back to the norm with some awesome posts, right?! :) 


As some of you may know, I am a senior this year and I am getting to go through all of the "senior" things. One of those things being senior pictures! So here is a video on how I did my make-up for those pictures. (Which I will be showing you guys as soon as I get them!) So I hope you enjoy - and please excuse the lighting/hair/mebeingaspaz. :)

First: Take a cream eye shadow - or shadow pencil in a pearly color and cover your lids. 
Second: Take an eyeliner (pencil or gel, wet won't work) and line the top of your lids. 
Third: Take a blending brush or an eye shadow brush and blend the eyeliner across your lids. 
Fourth: Take a pearly turquoise or teal and cover your lids. Blend that up a little. 
Fifth: Take a dark brown/silver color and put it in your crease. Blend up.
Sixth: Take a light silver and use that as your highlighter. 
Seventh: To add some sparkle, use a shimmer color (I used a creamy pearl, you can use whatever you have really, silver, gold, whateva.)
Eighth: Line your eyes - I chose to do a small cat-eye.
Ninth: Massssscara.

And there you have it, a super cute eye shadow look that is relatively easy - lemme know what you think. :)


Still taking sponsors for September! And that giveaway is still going on! :)


  1. Have fun Senior year!
    I graduated in June and it goes by soooo super fast!
    It was a great year though, woot woot.
    <3 Ashlynn.

  2. Love this look - you look gorgeous :)

  3. Thanks for joining my giveaway. ♥

    I love this look of yours, you are so sweet and pretty! :)

    The Cat Hag
    Join My Giveaway

  4. very pretty here!

    would be great if you visit me too!

  5. Ohhhhmylord, I remember being a high school senior, and it was SO DAMN FUN!
    You're going to have an awesome year :)


  6. You are so cute! Love the video and awesome makeup! :) I want to see your senior pictures so make sure you share them with us when they're done!

  7. Looks great! Senior pictures are so much fun.

  8. @roxxy - i'm so excited! i know it'll be a blast!

    @gentri - i'll be sure to post them, now worries, chick! :)

    @everyoneelse - thanks so much!

  9. This look is so cute, love it! xx


  10. great tutorial babe! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment :) -- just subbed :)

  11. You're pretty, great make up =)
    What do you think about following each other ? I'd like that cause I like your blog. Hope you also like mine !

    Fashion and Cookies

  12. This is fantastic, you look gorgeous! xo

  13. @ vale - checking out your blog now!
    @ katie - thank you so much, chick! :)
    @ jowee - thank you for the sub! i loved your eyeshadow look, but i figured that purple wouldn't go with my outfits as well as teal would. ;)

  14. Senior year! That is exciting! You look gorgeous!


  15. I absolutely love yours blog and even more the mustache picture at the top! :)

    new follower :)


  16. hey, rach! thanks for checking out my blog... those are my sweet nieces in the pictures. don't have any of my own. i was browsing through your blog- so fun! love the make up :)

  17. thank you guys! i love to have fun. ;)

  18. really nice blog :)))


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