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Hey there, i'm christa. i am a graphic design student and aspiring photographer and crafty. i love everything about art; any kind of art, you name it, i love it! i blog about a lot of nonsense, love, art, pupps, and my boyfriend. i hope you can come on over and see :)

Hi, my name is Tara and I blog over at green-eyed opinions. I love writing, anything chocolatey, and Harry Potter. My blog is basically about everything I love and it's a place for me to be me.  Feel free to hop on over and visit; following is much appreciated. Thanks! :)

Hey, it's Victoria from Vi-K E Y: Unlock Your World, go check out my blog about l i f e, l o v e, and l a u g h s. Life is about finding the key {what ever that may be} to your world and unlocking it. My boyfriend, art, & writing unlock my full potential to my life; get inspired & go find the KEY to your 

My name is Erin and I come from Living In Yellow
You can learn everything that you need to know about me and more by clicking here. Living In Yellow is devoted to all things awkward-amusing-and awesome. I also host a weekly link-up party, Capturing Joy, where you can show off all your "Happy Pictures" for the week. It's really a cool place to hang out-If I 
were you-I'd get your little booty over to my blog asap ;)

My name is Megan Robinson and I am a wife, mommy, recent college graduate {boo-yah!}, Oreo connoisseur, #1 Arizona lover, and obsessor of all things sparkly! I blog over at {And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson} and I love it! I like to talk about everything from my sweet husband & chubby baby (toddler?) boy, to marriage, love and honest everyday struggles! 



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  1. I'm off to check out these fabulous ladies -- I think I'm going to love every one of their blogs!
    xo Josie

  2. Thank you for featuring me! :)


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