check itttttt.

Another guest post/spotlight over yours truley. Check it out if you want to know a more personal side of me. :)

PS: Sorry, I generally don't want to post to posts that really have no creative thought in them, but that is the way it has happened. So, if you want to read something interesting - start here, then here, go over here...there too, and right here. :)

PSS: BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEK, yes, I am doing a giveaway finally. :)


  1. OH my.... foxes are my favorite animal- so I loooove that picture! :D

  2. ha! i love that picture too!

  3. Guess what?! I'm from the midwest too! And I'm alllmost in highschool... and your almmooost out :P I was wondering if you'd be interested in popping in on my blog maybe 1-2 times a month with a style post. Sortof like this: http://www.pinklemonade-blog.com/2011/07/bright-bags-for-brilliant-price-guest.html and this: http://www.pinklemonade-blog.com/2011/07/top-six-beauty-picks-guest-blogger.html ?

  4. I love this picture! I want to print it out and put it in my kitchen!!!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com


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