DIY: crop tops.

Hey all. 

I am a trendy girl, as you can probably tell. But I swore that I would never fall into the trend of the dreaded "Crop Top". But, I gave into the pressure of those cute little shirts that show off a little skin. I know. Weak. 

BUT - To be honest I really like the look. The thing is, I think it looks best when you actually have boobs. See, I have a problem with that because well...I'm a small 34A (VS says 32B but I think that they are just messing with me). But you know what? I don't care. I am going to wear it even if it doesn't look the best on me. Because, well, I think they give off a fun/flirty feel. Which is totally awesome. So, I'm going to work it and I don't care what you say. ;)

Anyway, I am going to get on with the point of this post.

Crop top - DIY addition.
Here are the quick and easy directions - and the pictures will hopefully help ya'll out, too. :)

What you need:
1 large t-shirt that you never wear. - Why would you cut up a shirt you wear? 
A fabric marker if you want it to be perfect.

What you gotta do:
1. Lay the shirt on a flat surface - I used my bed. Probably not the best choice, but whatever.
2. Cut the neck of your shirt to be a "Scoop" neck (or a V-neck would look cool, too, maybe?). 
3. Cut the sleeves off in a a"Banana" cut. (If I don't make sense, just look at the picture. Lol.)
4. Cut the bottom of the shirt in another "Banana" cut. Just cut it to however short you want it to be. I made mine so it hit just under my belly-button. 
5. MAKE SURE IT'S ALL EVEN. It looks so much better that way. 
6. If your sleeves are too deep, or hang on your body too low then you can also take a pretty ribbon and tie the back. I didn't do it to mine because mine fit well, but if you use a really big t-shirt you might have to. 

And there you have it. A cute little crop top. :)  

If any of you end up trying this out, lemme know how it looks! And if you post it on your blog I would love to have you link me up to it and let me know! I would love to see how they all turn out! :)

PS: Top photo - weheartit.com


  1. That's cute.. You have a awesome stomach.. ERRRRRR

    In our sea of love

  2. This is awesome!

    P.S. : You're definitely rocking it! You look great ;D

  3. This is such a cute idea. I really like crop tops too, but never wear them hehe...You do have a great stomach, this trend looks perfect on you.


  4. very cute! love the peace sign shirt

  5. Hi.love your t shirt and shorts,Jesus , girl, u look so dam mm mm hot xxxx hugs

  6. Oh goodness. I WISH I could pull something like that off! haha! So cute. :)


  7. Love this so much.)) You have such a cute blog.!!!.))

    I need your help (maybe again) .)
    Can you white me your favourite blog?.))

  8. Cute! Thanks for the directions!
    xx Marie

  9. Great tutorial. I haven't yet worn a crop top outdoors but I definitely need to get up my confidence this summer!

  10. Nice. I was actually trying to cut up a shirt a few weeks ago & made a total mess. This should be useful, lol. Btw, I just followed! :)

  11. Nice. I was actually trying to cut a shirt a few weeks ago & made a total mess. This is useful, lol. Btw, I just followed! :)

  12. Great idea, looks really good! I have wonky cutting though so mine will not turn out good..

  13. Thanks for checking out my blog!! I see you have such a cool blog ;) By the way, I agree on the "too short" shorts, hate it especially when going up the stairs or escalator and you can see half of their bums hanging out... yikes!!

  14. you look gorgeous in this! i love this diy and the way you write, following!:)xxx


  15. you look gorgeous in this! i love this diy and the way you write, following!:)xxx


  16. You just quite possibly left me the cutest comment on my blog, thank you sweetie!

    I would absolutely try this DIY!



  17. that's gorgeous! in fact, i DIY-ed one myself too :) was a little tired of some old tees. i have the same problem with you about the boob issue but it's all about wearing it right and in fact, i don't even care what other people think. small-boobers can be trendy too!! :D

    another thing about this is that, gotta make sure clean bellies and not floppy bellies when wearing this, because I think this is a no-no

  18. looks great! awsome tutorial! totally gunna do that!

  19. Love this quite inspired to try it :)

  20. cute cute cute top! and you look great in it. funny you say that about boobs hahah because im actually hesitant to wear crop tops because i feel as if my boobs make it higher and more awkward, i wear crop tops with sports bras sometimes even.
    great DIY girl xoxo

  21. Love the idea of making your own. The idea of having to pay $20+ for a cut off shirt totally stinks - going to have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing!

    A Candid Life

  22. love your diy cropped tank! the faded print is gorg! xx

  23. Dont worry about it, I'm small up top. Atleast we can run for the bus eh ;) aha the crop top looks really good on you! and the one you made is awesomeeeee :) love the blog, thanks for your comment! xxx

  24. That DIY was a total success and it looks great! Well done and I love love love this blog!


  25. Great DIY, I used to be pretty unsure about crop tops too but it just depends how you style them! Love the blog :) xx

  26. Thank you for your comment!
    I love your blog, that shirt is so cute!
    I follow you!

    xoxo, Dominika

  27. love DIY projects :) You should check out my giveaway I'm having on my blog to win a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow compact :)

  28. Cute and simple DIY, love it :) I really like the crop top trend but I don't own any, I don't have the stomach for it if you get my meaning lol I would have to layer it up! Looks great on you though :)

  29. I have a few shirts that could use this little makeover... Or I'm sending them to Goodwill. So you are their savior. Also, I have small boobs. So don't worry, you're not alone. We can be [basically] flat-chested and wear our crop tops. No worries.

  30. a great idea! The design on the t shirt really works well as a crop top! xx

  31. GREAT post! I love how you've given a little tutuorial :)


    Follow and comment x

  32. looove crop tops :) ! im from australia and summer is comming so im so excited to be bale to wear one again. yay for warm weather

  33. Haha when the crop top trend came I didn't like it much but now I do! Although I can only wear them with high waisted skirts or trousers or with dresses underneath.

  34. Here's mine --> http://salonie-m.blogspot.com/2011/08/chop-chop.html

    Totally awesome!


  35. I found that folding the shirt in half and then cutting the bottom make's it more even.
    LOVED this tutorial.
    I'm thinking about throwing a crop top party.

  36. I love this DIY! Personally, I think crop tops look wayyy better with smaller boobs. You look amazing and I love the top you made!


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