candy corn-ghost nails.

Well Monday is Halloween so I decided to fit in one more nail tutorial for those of you who still need some inspiration. :) Last installment of Halloween nails.

What you need.
Orange nail polish.
Yellow nail polish.
White nail polish.
Black nail polish.
Clear coat.

What you have to do.

First, Paint four nails orange, and one nail black.

Secondly, put tape over the top 2/3 of you nail and paint it yellow.

Then, apply white like a french tip.

Then on the black nail, make a ghostish figure with the white.

And lastly, make some eyes and a mouth with your toothpick! 

See, look at how easy that is! :)

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Have a great Halloween weekend! :)


  1. Love them! So cute!


  2. just literally read like 10 pages of your blog! I LOVE IT! so cute
    following :)

    happy halloween,

  3. haha cute - nice job!


  4. So creative!

    Thanks so much for your visit on my blog and commenting. I appreciate it! :)

  5. very cute!!


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