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Hey guys.

Today in sociology we got onto the subject of what being an individual truly is. And I could not stop thinking about individual style while we were talking about it. I know, I’m weird, but it is true. But what I was really thinking was “Is there really a way that someone can be completely individual in their style?”

We are all obviously influenced by our friends, families, and media. But how much are we influenced? I mean, why on EARTH would I think that jeans that are like a second skin would look good on me? Because the freakin’ media has brainwashed me into thinking that way.

It’s not entirely a bad thing, though. I feel like it helps me unleash my creative juices. Just so you know.

And when it comes to personal style, is there any way you can be completely unique? I don’t think so.

At least I couldn’t think of anyway that you could be completely individual. It seems like even when someone is trying to be “Off-the-wall unique” they are still following some sort of crowd.  The “I-want-to-be-off-the-wall-unique” crowd.

Boho, Goth, Diva, Classic, Emo.

All categories of different styles that we all try to fit into. Some of them are more popular than others, some are more low-key some are more off the wall, but none are completely unique.

So help me figure this out, friends. Is there any way we can all be completely unique in our style? And should we be? 

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  1. You know what? You now have me sitting here trying to figure this out. LOL. And one wouldn't think it'd be such a difficult question to answer.

  2. I remember having this discussion with some of my friends in highschool. One of the girls inour group had recently started dressing in all black or red with spikes, fishnets, the big Doc Martin boots etc. She would give us these long lectures about how she was 'so individual' instead of looking like another little clone.
    I suppose that amongst our group of chain store jeans and tank tops she did look pretty unique. But on the weekend she hung out with a bunch of others who looked EXACTLY like her.
    We all thought she wasn't really individual, because amongst those girls, we could hardly pick her out. Even if our clothes were mass produced, we all dressed them up with very different accessories and wore a huge variety of styles and colours.
    We all thought the most individual girl was the school loner. She didn't try to be different, she was just herself. We were all quick to label her a loser and she didn't have a single friend until the 11th grade when we'd all grown up a bit. I don't know if it really counts as personal style, because it wasn't something she put any effort into but the clothes she wore were so unusual we wondered where she ever found them.. matching tracksuits made of some bizzare furry material, tie-dye shirts ( which I know to many American's is pretty standard but it certainly wasn't down here), over size tourist t-shirts with mens baggy shorts and so on. It looked as though either her Mum picked out clothes suitable for a toddler, or she just picked up anything that fit.
    It was definitely individual.

    I know we'd all like to think we are unique, but I believe most of us really do fall into one of a few categories. That doesn't mean we are all clones or conformists. For one thing, it's hard ot buy clothes that dont fall into one category or another. Even if we sew our own, we are restricted by the fabrics availiable. And after thousands and thousands of year sof creating clothes, are there any styles we really haven't explored yet?

    Wow. I didn't mean to leave such a mega-comment. I didn't realise I had so much to say about it. Your post just really made me think!

  3. I completely agree with you. Personal style is a very personal choice. Sadly, most of it is unaccepted by what we call 'society'.


  4. I love that boho style photo! I'm really into latering jewelery and stuff and that really inspires me xx

  5. I think your totaly right; your style can't be 100% unique. Your inspiration has always come from somewhere.
    To be unique as a person (rather than style) just be yourself. There is absoutley noone else in the entire world who will be exactly the same as you. That makes you unique :)

  6. I think its impossible to be completely original but that doesn't stop me from trying (:

  7. @ Miss Sparkles - I love the insight.

    @ everyone else - thanks girls!

  8. love this, great post! no one can be original, you are always going to be inspired by someone else whether intentional or not. :)

  9. I work with teenagers (ranging from 13-15) and I find that they are very quick to pigeonhole a person into what 'indentity' they fit into by their clothes. What I love is my kids can never work me out. One day I'll be wearing my skull & crossbones cardie, masses of eyeliner and tight jeans, and the next I'm all country and western, with a plaid shirt, minimal make-up and fringed boots. I think the way to be unique is to just be you. Wear what you want, WHEN you want. If you want to wear a girly dress one day, followed by a leather jacket and bike boots the next, why on earth not? What you wear doesn't define you, it is what you DO that defines you.

  10. I agree so much with you! Also love this unique and different post1 bisous marilia

  11. You know, I'm not sure we can. I mean, stores follow trends-that's how they get sales. So, it'd be really hard to find something to purchase that is totally unique. And even if you sewed something, you'd have to have inspiration, right? But I think it's okay to fit the trends and find inspiration from others. We don't have to be totally unique. I think it's way more important to be comfortable in what you're wearing, as in, wear things you feel confident in and things that fit who you are.

  12. You got me thinking here, I mean i'd totally like to be seen as individual and as person I hopefully am but even though i'm not totally fashionable i'm influenced by what's in style at that time. I think getting tattoos have helped me find that individual side and skin of myself, its been my way of making my skin individual and fitting to me.

  13. Lovely post Rach! I just found your blog through browsing around. Fabulous pictures too!:)


  14. i think we are all unique in our styles. even when we are mirroring out self after some else...we aren't exactly like them. we all are so different.

  15. what a great question to ponder.... no matter how unique we try to be, it seems someone is always doing the same thing.... i think our individual personalities are what truly set us apart! great topic!


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