meet franchesca.

 Hey guys, I want you to meet one of my blogging friends. Her namem is Franchesca, and her story is phenominal. She is truly an inspirational woman, not only has she gone through so much, but her attitude is awesome and her designs are baller. Enjoy, friends.


I'm Franchesca. Wife+Mama+Artist.

Our story is a story of healing, loss, love and hope.

Blessed by my hubby's good sense of humor and sweet boy everyday.

Sharing the beautiful mess our daughter left behind when she left this world.

I design blogs and do a little photography when I'm not changing diapers or running after my little man. ;]

I hope you enjoy this freebie, and thank you SO much for havin' me!

XO franchesca

other places to find me: facebook / twitter/ pinterest / bloglovin'


Please remember to check this gal out, you won't regret it.



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